Curious huh?!

What is FLAWD?

FLAWD is an acronym for: Focused Lifestyle & Winning Disciplines

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Flawd is pronounced in the same way as Flawed [flôd]which is an adjective meaning that something is imperfect in some way. Flawd is also a play on words with the swedish word: “Flåd” which is an positive emotional expression and can mean; nice/ something out of the ordinary/ and the exclusive things in life.Similarly if something is “flådig” in swedish it is very nice and usually exclusive.

Exclusiveness implies scarcity, it is important to note that the FLAWD lifestyle is not suited for everyone.

What does FLAWD do?

  • FLAWD focus on personal development and continuous improvement.
  • We want to have more of life, therefore we have to become more. To become more we must do more.
  • We want to help others
  • There is no negativity in the FLAWD lifestyle – only OPPORTUNITY.

Which areas does FLAWD focus on? 

  • CrossFit (Health)
  • Personal Development
  • Productivity

Need our help? 

Want to join the lifestyle? Contact Peter – the founder and the one behind FLAWD – check out the connect page If you need our service – let us know. Startup meeting is usually free. time consultant. Still want to know more? Check out our post on what we are!

Happy FLAWDing




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