Can breathing improve performance and recovery?

If we don’t breathe, we die. Although we all know this simple fact breathing remains the most underutilized component of health and human performance. The Art of Breath (AoB) is a program developed to give participants an experience based understanding of how breathing can affect both short term performance and long term health.

Through a variety of simple and effective teaching tools we will help illuminate this powerful practice and help you grab this low hanging fruit. The AoB purpose is to help facilitate a deeper understanding of the physiological process so that each person can ultimately tailor their own breath practice to his or her individual needs.

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AoB Clinic will cover:

The AoB Clinic is a 1 day practical learning experience that introduces the basics of breathing anatomy and physiology.  You will learn how to utilize different breathing protocols to positively impact your performance, recovery, and overall health.

The fact is breathing can happen anywhere. We don’t need to go to a gym, go out to a trail, or get on a bike, or get in a pool. It happens anywhere and everywhere. It starts when we are born and leaves when we die. The AoB Clinic will give a broad overview of how we can use breathing to wake up, slow down, speed up, warm up, open up, and even perform at higher levels and recover faster.

  • How breathing effects movement and performance
  • How to use basic breathing protocols to get control over your physiology and boost performance
  • Breathing mechanics and mobility strategies to improve position
  • Basic function of the Autonomic Nervous System and it’s effect on health
  • How breathing effects your pH balance

 Take your performance to the next level by gaining a deeper understanding of the most fundamental aspect of life.

Lets bring AoB Clinic to the Nordics!

Are you interested in attending an Art of Breath Clinic in August 2017?

Art of Breath Clinic Hosting Details + Requirements

  • 1 Day Clinic 9am-4pm (w/ 1 hour lunch)
  • $299/attendee
  • Insured and easy to access facility
  • Ability to cancel your classes/other events on day of Event
  • 25 paid attendee minimum threshold for Clinic met 3 weeks out from Event
  • 2 Host Comps spots when 15 person minimum threshold met
  • $1000 down payment from the Host ($1 Hold Fee. Do not need $1000 up front.)
  • Down payment will be RETURNED to host once 15 paid attendee threshold is met
  • 30 person max (unless you have equipment to facilitate)
  • At least 1 piece of monostructural equipment per 3 people  (i.e. C2 Erg, SkiErg, Treadmill, Assault Bike/AirDyne)
  • Social Media, imagery and advertising support through PSE
  • Personal PSE Clinic Support for any host or attendee needs

Read more: Host expectations.

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