Stefan Graff-Lonnevig – GTD miniserie del 4 av 5 – Veckogenomgången – The FLAWD podcast (#041)

I avsnitt #041

Välkommen till del 4 av 5 i vår miniserie om GTD – Getting Things Done. Världens mest populära ramverk för produktivitet.
Stefan Graff-Lonnevig är management konsult från Centigo och utbildar även inom GTD. I detta avsnittet pratar vi om veckogenomgången eller weekly review som man säger på engelska. En komplett gamechanger inom GTD och klistret […]

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Productivity Course L1

FLAWD Academy

FLAWD Academy – our online school on teachable for everyone that want to take their life to the NEXT level!

The First course we have produced is still in BETA and we call it Productivity Course Level 1. Currently heavily discounted price! Only 10 USD for a limited time

Testamonials coming.

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Engage […]

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How to track your fitness with Evernote

Evernote is a very versatile tool and can be purposed to do many things. We have written about why you need Evernote to win before. That is a great  read if you are not familiar with Evernote before.
This article will cover how you can track your fitness with a free and easy tool that is available on all platforms. […]

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The top Podcasts you have to listen to for world domination

Well.. Maybe not world domination. 🙂

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During 2013 I really took my “learning in transit” skills to the Next level. I started following podcasts seriously, and I must say that it have had a tremendous impact in my learning and improvement in general. For instance every time (ok. Not every time.. […]

Evernote the optimal information tool

Evernote is the FLAWD favourite app of all time. In this article we will cover:  what it is and why you should use it.

Before that, if you haven’t downloaded Evernote – please use our links:

To signup for Evernote use my link: Evernote  thanks!! 


Think of the ability to have previously unobtainable and unaffordable computing resources available for […]

How to Two-Factor your life and protect your personal information


As a security professional, I often think about the question: Why do we need security? We have talked about “why” security is a basic need before at FLAWD. Without feeling safe and secure we can’t live our best lives. So how can I feel safe and secure online? And why should I be concerned about security […]