Josh “Cha Chi” Marunde – RockStar Athlete – The FLAWD podcast (episode #011)

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In this (all english) episode 11: "ChaChi" tells us about his life as a rockstar drummer for the band PopEvil, we discuss his training program, we talk about the difference between Crossfit and OPEX (OPT), his favourite workouts, his least favourite workouts, how he stays motivated even on the road, supplementation, how to handle struggles, looking ahead, [...]

Michel Lundell – Ketos – hur svårt kan det va – The FLAWD podcast (episode #009)

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I avsnitt #009: Michel är grundare till Ketonix, ett verktyg som indikerar hur kroppen förbrukar och bränner fett, om kroppen är i ketos. Produkten har över 11000 användare. Vi lär oss vad Ketonix är, Michels resa i livet med epelepsi i vuxen ålder, hur han ville undvika negativa biverkningar från medicinering och upptäckte den ketogena dieten. Vi förklarar vad ketos [...]

Michel Vos – Get your life together with GTD and Passion – The FLAWD podcast (episode #008)

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In this (all english) episode Michel Vos tells us how to get our life together using  life frameworks, like GTD, SCRUM and his own Master Class. He reminds us that we are just monkeys with a smartphone. We talk about:  occams protocol for training, how to understand and overcome procrastination, peeing in the shower, workflow management, supplement, bulletproof [...]

Kristian Kristiansen – att alltid utvecklas – The FLAWD podcast (episode #002)

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Kristian Kristiansen - att alltid utvecklas - The FLAWD podcast (episode #002)

My current nutrition plan. What to eat before and after training and why?

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As explained earlier, health is a KEY component in FLAWD lifestyle. You can loose everything in life but if you still have your health, you can still be happy. This post is somewhat old now but I will tell you my current nutrition plan, Why I like it. Also the importance of eating after training (post [...]