Why Weigh, Count and Measure? by Jim Rohn

Why Weigh, Count and Measure? by Jim Rohn Three key words to remember: weigh,  count and  measure.  Now why weigh, count and measure? To see what your results are from your activity, your attitude and your philosophy. If you find that the results are not to your liking, there are only three places to look. Your [...]

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Michel Lundell – Ketos – hur svårt kan det va – The FLAWD podcast (episode #009)

I avsnitt #009: Michel är grundare till Ketonix, ett verktyg som indikerar hur kroppen förbrukar och bränner fett, om kroppen är i ketos. Produkten har över 11000 användare. Vi lär oss vad Ketonix är, Michels resa i livet med epelepsi i vuxen ålder, hur han ville undvika negativa biverkningar från medicinering och upptäckte den ketogena dieten. Vi förklarar [...]

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Hur du skaffar ett socialt liv trots du inte har tid

Livet kan vara stressigt och ofta känns det som att du aldrig har tillräckligt med tid. Det skrivs om livsbalansen i medierna där man skall snyggt parera mellan familjen, jobbet, vännerna och alla projekt man skall hinna med. Men hur lätt är det egentligen? När du kommer hem är du helt slut och någon gång [...]

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How to use Pocket to win

What is Pocket?   How many times have you been surfing the web and stumbled upon an article that you really wanted to read and but didn't have time right now? Pocket allows you to grab links, images, videos, etc. and save them for later review and strips out the clutter from the articles and presents them as [...]

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How to optimize email management to win part 1 of 2

Is your email killing you? Email is a great tool. Everyone uses it!  It is so great that you feel compelled to check your email all the time, it might be the first thing you check when you wake up?! Since you do check your email often, you also expect other people to check their emails all-the-time. [...]

How to use LinkedIn to your advantage

Have you ever wondered how you can leverage LinkedIn to your advantage an increase your online reputation? Check this article out!

The 5 W:s how foam-rolling will help you get better and recover faster

W as in What Why When Where and Who.. The other day I was doing one of my post workout protocols with a foam-roller, and someone asked, "what is that good for?". Even though I have my routine answer: something like fascia knot release, trigger point stretch, shiatsu and some other fancy words.. Lets say [...]

4 simple steps to always have a perfect posture

Ever wondered how to always have a perfect posture? This guide gives you 4 simple steps to always have perfect posture!

How to live forever

10 timeless principles for happiness Who does not want to live forever?! It's the alluring question with everything from fountains of youth to vampires, to selling your soul to someone, to dieting and so on.. As you know, nothing lasts forever.. But! You can make yourself last forever by "making a dent in the universe"! [...]

Coffee will make you smarter, better, faster and stronger!

Is coffee the healthiest beverage there is? Well.. At least if you are using it right, it can be! For me and many of you, a great morning usually starts with a cup of coffee in a relaxed and calm environment. I know that I am not alone in enjoying this beverage.Johann Sebastian Bach loved [...]

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