Jordan Harbinger – Minisode Monday – The FLAWD podcast (#034)

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In this all english episode #034: This is a "RE-podcast" of The Art of Charm Minisode Monday (episode #30) where Jordan Harbinger shares his thoughts about why comparing yourself to others is a toxic habit — and one you should make a promise to stop doing sooner than later.  After the episode we talk some more with Jordan [...]

Anna Wretling – en PowerWoman i ständig rörelse – The FLAWD podcast (episode #005)

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I detta avsnittet Anna Wretling - en PowerWoman i ständig rörelse beskriver hur det är att dricka kaffe i växlingarna på triatlon, Swimrun Maraton, Ultralopp, att brinna för företagande, att tänka om sig själv som ett djur, att se utmaningar i motgångar, om man alltid håller sig i rörelse så kommer utvecklingen, att alltid leta efter [...]

Emmas upplevelse FLAWD Offline Month

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Emma beskriver sin upplevelse av FLAWD Offline Month! "Har jag ett behov av att andra ska se hur bra jag har det? För det är ju ofta det vi lägger upp på Instagram och FB. Bilder på hur lyckade vi är och hur bra vi har det. Och sedan ska folk gilla."

Daniel Nilsson – hur man inspirerar 100 miljoner människor! – The FLAWD podcast (episode #003)

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  I detta avsnittet Daniel Nilsson lär oss om marknadsföring, inspirera andra, hur man optimerar kokosförsäljning, hantera motgångar, meditation, vinmaraton och mycket annat! Daniel jobbar med internationell marknadsföring för ett företag som sysslar med medicinsk simulering. Daniel arbetar för göteborgsbaserade företaget: Mentice Vi får reda på hur Daniel motiverar andra. Han har en sense of urgency! Daniel [...]

How to use LinkedIn to your advantage

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Have you ever wondered how you can leverage LinkedIn to your advantage an increase your online reputation? Check this article out!

The 5 W:s how foam-rolling will help you get better and recover faster

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W as in What Why When Where and Who.. The other day I was doing one of my post workout protocols with a foam-roller, and someone asked, "what is that good for?". Even though I have my routine answer: something like fascia knot release, trigger point stretch, shiatsu and some other fancy words.. Lets say that [...]

How to live forever

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10 timeless principles for happiness Who does not want to live forever?! It's the alluring question with everything from fountains of youth to vampires, to selling your soul to someone, to dieting and so on.. As you know, nothing lasts forever.. But! You can make yourself last forever by "making a dent in the universe"! However [...]

The Best LifeHacker apps 2013

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As it is summertime some are already back from vacation and ready to start working again. Therefore it’s about time to get more productive both in life and at work. Why not both? If it is one thing FLAWD is passionate about, it is improving life in all possible ways. Wonder what FLAWD is? Read this [...]

My current nutrition plan. What to eat before and after training and why?

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As explained earlier, health is a KEY component in FLAWD lifestyle. You can loose everything in life but if you still have your health, you can still be happy. This post is somewhat old now but I will tell you my current nutrition plan, Why I like it. Also the importance of eating after training (post [...]