How to use Facebook to your advantage

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How to use Facebook to your advantage

Facebook is great. The greatest thing about the platform is that EVERYONE are on it. This makes it perfect when you want to connect with your friends. One problem is that, since everyone has it,
Facebook has a lot of “noise”, especially if you’re connected with a lot o people.

Improve your newsfeed

If you want to clean up your News Feed, Facebook has a handy tool to help you do just that.The tool is available here: It finds the friends you haven’t interacted with in awhile and asks you which ones you want to add to your Acquaintances list. Your friends in that list will not show up as often in your feed.

Make a shared photo album.

Facebook recently added the function for shared albums for up to 50 users. This is a great feature for weddings and other events to “crowdsource” photos. Read more here: MakeUseOf


In a recent post, Eric Ravenscraft from Lifehacker summarize his best tips of how to make Facebook useful. One thing that I thought was really great was to use interestlist to your advantage to make a list based on interests. Previously I have only used the lists to sort out people from how I know them, not very useful to be honest. But as the article points out – by using Interest Lists, you can create custom feeds that combine notable people, sites, and Pages for a more specialized feed. Pretty much like a twitter feed. I currently have 2 lists: Training – for training inspiration and motivation and productivity – for tips and trick from entreprenours and pages like lifehacker.

Automatic download of pictures

The article also mentions using IFTTT for downloading all pictures that you are tagged in automatically. I use this recipe, and I also want to be notified when I do get tagged so I can review it quickly. For that I use IFTTT and Pushover, check out the IFTTT recipe

Closed Groups

Facebook is also great for closed groups used for chatting and smaller file-sharing. It is an easy setup and once again, since everyone has Facebook it is a no-brainer.


Create events

Facebook is probably the best platform for creating events, since you have access to everyone you know. Easy to use and very simple setup. Read the full LifeHacker article Are you overusing Facebook or other social media? Try going OFFLINE! Read this article of what I learned from being offline for a month. How are you using Facebook?


Great Profile picture for the shy Facebook User

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