My current nutrition plan. What to eat before and after training and why?

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My current nutrition plan. What to eat before and after training and why?

As explained earlier, health is a KEY component in FLAWD lifestyle. You can loose everything in life but if you still have your health, you can still be happy.

This post is somewhat old now but I will tell you my current nutrition plan, Why I like it. Also the importance of eating after training (post training) and some recommendations. We will discuss some factors to consider when choosing supplements and some factors to consider when choosing a good protein and how much.

My Current nutrition plan:

IF – Intermittent Fasting – this means that you eat for a certain timeperiod and fast for a certain timeperoid. Right now I eat 1hour per 24h period. You should NOT start with that. Start with a 8-16 IF route – usually this means skipping breakfast and eating around 12 and then stopping around 2100 or 2200.


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There are several reasons for why I love IF.

1. It slows down IGF-1 (Insuline Growth Factor) which means that your body ages more slowly, i.e. you will get older by fasting.

2. Fatloss.

3. You get “immune” against modern diseases, like hart disease.

4. You also get smarter, since sporadic feelings of hunger gets the amount of brain-cells to increase.

5. For me personal the biggest upside is TIME MANGEMENT, and that you all of a sudden are free to choose – skip breakfast? Enjoy breakfast? The choice is mine. And as you can understand the more options you have, the better choices you can make, with better choices – you can create better results.

Intermittent fasting is not something I recommend for Women! <a href=””>Pros Cons of IF</a> This article is very negative about IF.

 Read more:


To optimize the intake of proteins, I use BCAA – Branched Chained Amino Acids – (which consists the amino acids:  Isoleucin, Leucin, och valin). The benefit of BCAA is that they skip going through the liver (which means I don’t break the fast) they go directly to the muscles. It tastes opposite of good and is marketed as: “building muscle, anti katabol and mental sharpness”. BCAA has a good price and is available here: 400grams at gymvaruhuset 



Kalcium Kaseinate

Before I did IF, I ate every 3rd hour and in between meals I took kalcium kaseinate . The benefit of kaseinate is the ”slow realease” of proteins which makes the body absorbs more aminosacids and provides them more slowly to the muscles. This is optimal before going to sleep or if you know that you are not going to eat a protein-rich food for a while.  Best price we found is  bulkpowders in UK Calcium Caseinate | Casein Protein | BulkPowders


What YOU should take Post Workout:  Fast Protein + Fast Carbs


Whey Protein

After working out you would want quick release of proteins (amino acids to recover quickly) the best protein is Whey Protein. (Wikipedia) The reason for this being most popular is that Whey protein stimulates the protein biosynthesis quickest. What is that? “Protein biosynthesis is the process in which cells build or manufacture proteins”

There are different proteins – what is the difference? Whey protein typically comes in three major forms:

  •   concentrate (WPC),
  •   isolate (WPI), and
  •  hydrolysate (WPH). – this is the ”best one” – but also not considered worth the money since it is most expensive

 I Recommend

I reccomend this WPI: Gymvaruhuset 750g for 175 sek

A decent alternative could be: Gymvaruhuset 750g 109 sek or

A great alternative is available from UK:  Bulpowders



Whey + Malto












Maltodextrin has as high GI (Glycemic Index) – this means that it is absorbed quickly in the bloodstream and creates an ‘Insulin Spike’.  We want this insulin spike after training because it is helping the body shuffling important nutrients such as Amino Acids and Protein to the muscle cells where they can be utilised as building blocks. Studies shows that a combination of Maltodextrin (and/or dextrose)  combined with a quality Whey Protein Isolate could be the ideal post-exercise beverage.


o   Gymvaruhuset 1 kg for 75 SEK

o   Bulkpowders 

o   Vitargo is the considered the “best one” but also most expensive. Gymvaruhuset 2kg for 359sek



Metabolic_Window (1)

Glycogen window – 30 min after exercise 


After working out you have broken down your body and your glucose stores (energy).


Your body is in greater need of Glucose than protein!

The biggest mistake that people make after a workout is to only take protein. Your body mainly needs carbohydrates to replace your empty glycogen stores! Until those  glycogen  muscle energy stores are replaced your body remains in a catabolic (muscle breakdown) state. The best post workout shakes is a combination of a high GI carbohydrates (to promote insulin and replace glycogen stores) and  whey protein.


Missing Post training meal

Missing post-training meals will promote an extended period of catabolism which essential leads to the breakdown of your hard earned muscle.

·         Your main goal in this 30 minute window is to satisfy your glycogen needs by consuming carbohydrates.

·         An alternative method is to consume high sugar fruits such as oranges, fruit juice or a sports drink.


Post Workout Meal (30mins – 2 hours)

Most professional athletes are recommended to satisfy their glycogen window within the first 30mins with a snack, drink or shake and then aim for a balanced post workout meal 45-60 minutes after exercise. The follow up meal consist of high quality whole foods. Complete protein from lean meat like grilled chicken, fish, or lean steak, complex carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes and rice, vegetables and good fats like olive oil.

How much Protein?


Protein powder? Quality and how much?


There are several ways to measure of the quality of a protein, such things as BV, NPU, PER, or PDCAA – this is nerdy ways of founding out good quality – the most interesting is BV which is Biological Value which is about how much your body can retain from the protein. This means that a low BV will make your uptake of the protein to your body low as well. But these measures are over-course for you. Google that if you want to know more.


·         WPC
Whey Protein Concentrate should consist of more than 75% protein if you’re looking for quality.  ( it is not uncommon for weight and mass gain products to contain as little as 40%) .Quality WPC products should give you at least 25g per serve.

·         WPI
WPI should be  around 90% protein, around 27g of protein per 30g serve.

·         How much protein? 

If you are trying to increase muscle, aim to consume at least 2g of protein daily for every kilogram that you weigh.

·         Why don’t you eat “normal food instead”? 

Quality protein powder is still cheaper and more convenient than eating lean meat and eggs all the time.




The most important thing: set clear goals.

As in both life and business;  it is the same in training. To be successful we must set specific measurable goals.  SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely). I have a great interest in goal setting and I have some tools that could help you if you need to get started.

This is just recommendation if you want the best results and more professional advice I suggest that you get a Personal Trainer, a nutrinist – preferably both


Why I train  

·         Functional training .

We are not trying to build muscle to become big. We rather want to use the body smarter so it holds longer and is more in harmony with the lifestyle that we have. For me this means NO PAIN, great streght, full ROM (Range of Motion), balance, being able to function 24/7 and be able to do all moves that I want. For me right now, this means mobility training, stretching and similar.




One of my best friends Kristian Kristiansen is my PT and he is probably the best in Sweden and in Nordic countries. He is the founder and owner of ADAPT – Athletic Development and Performance training. Kristian is so good that he now has several other PTs as his customers.


We will cover what I have learned from ADAPT in another post.

Let me know if you have any questions.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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