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Have you ever thought Social Media is draining my energy?! I need a rest! But automatically you check your feed any time your mind wanders..There is a cure! 2 times every year (January and August), we have a whole month of being “offline” from Social Media -> it is called: FOM (FLAWD Offline Month). The “movement” started January 2013 and are getting more traction every year! Can you handle this challenge?! Why?! Read more in this article!! What being offline for months has taught me and why you should try it


Testimonials about being “offline”


Min offline månad från sociala medier var det bästa jag kunde göra för att tänka till och bli mer medveten/närvarande i mitt liv. Det jag lärde mig om den här upplevelsen var att sociala medier tar upp väldigt mycket tid och energi, tid och energi som jag gärna lägger på något annat.


Och hur beroende jag var av “liksen”. Oj! Det var lite jobbigt att erkänna.




My references has changed as well. I notice my environment more and when I do, I see real human beings with varieties of body shapes and lifestyles. I also realize that people update their social media when something positive or UNcommon in their lifes occur. I learned that my life does not lack special occasions and peaks. This was a very important lesson for me. So THANK YOU Peter mr. Flawd! You challenged me to live my life and be more AWARE. And the return to social media was such an anticlimax.





I’ve gained additional respect for the people closest to me and how much their time and company mean to me.



Tim Ferris

Schedule a 4-8 week where you are totally off the grid


Tims answer to the question: What one thing do you wish everyone to do? in: Art of Charm Podcast: The Art and Science of Meta Learning

Youtube inspiration: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Alternative Offline Experiences

Life is denied by lack of attention, whether it be to cleaning windows or trying to write a masterpiece. Nadia Boulanger
Other people are also catching on to this trend, but making it only about 1 day: Check out #oneDayOfflline
Check out TV4 – where they report that 1300 Danes took part in a study and change their lives: Så förändras livet utan Facebook



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Enjoy your Offline Month! Let us know how it is going in the comments!