TFP #065 Bernd Reicheneder – MovNat – The FLAWD Podcast


In episode #065 We meet Bernd a MovNat Team instructor. Based in Munich. We are talking about Natural Movement. We discuss Natural Development Sequence. The MovNat tree. Is nature a religion now? We talk about Breathing. Mindfullness in Movement and balancing. Is it possible to do CrossFit and MovNat? What is the MovNat tree? Be strong to be helpful and much much more. It goes hand in hand with all the concepts at FLAWD. Please give the podcast 5 star review an tell everyone you know. Thank you. Subscribe: iTunes | Spotify| Amazon | Android | RSS | Stitcher |Acast .whoami ? Bernd Reicheneder, Munich [...]

TFP #065 Bernd Reicheneder – MovNat – The FLAWD Podcast2021-10-27T15:26:24+02:00

Tommy Blom – StrongFirst – The FLAWD podcast (#036)


I avsnitt #036: Vi får träffa Tommy Blom, en av världens bästa instruktörer inom Krav Maga. Vi får höra om Tommys tränings bakgrund hur han hittade Kettlebells, vilket han också utbildar inom StrongFirst. Vi får höra hur Tommy använder flera olika system såsom: StrongFirst, Krav Maga,  Ground Force Method, Functional Movement System och Advanced Buteyko till ett helhetssystem för rörelsekvalité. Förutom detta lär vi oss vad grease the groove är, vikten av greppstyrka och enormt mycket mer! Lyssna in på detta "jammed packed" avsnitt av The FLAWD podcast!! :) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher Vem? Tommy jobbar med kroppen. Främst genom [...]

Tommy Blom – StrongFirst – The FLAWD podcast (#036)2021-10-27T15:26:25+02:00

FMS – optimal screen for healthy athletes


What is FMS? Human movement is complex, but that doesn't mean a screen needs to be. If you're not a reader listen to my interview with Stuart Elwell on episode 28 of The FLAWD Podcast the foremost experts on FMS in Europe. FMS stands for Functional Movement Screen. And the screen is created by the company: Functional Movement Systems which also sometimes are shortened with the same acronym FMS. It was founded 1995 by Gray Cook.   FMS is the tool we use to identifye limitations and assymetries (difference in sides) in 7 fundamental movement patterns, whicha are foundational for functional movements in individuals that [...]

FMS – optimal screen for healthy athletes2017-06-18T17:45:04+02:00
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