In this (all english) episode 11:

“ChaChi” tells us about his life as a rockstar drummer for the band PopEvil, we discuss his training program, we talk about the difference between Crossfit and OPEX (OPT), his favourite workouts, his least favourite workouts, how he stays motivated even on the road, supplementation, how to handle struggles, looking ahead, his coolest experience as a rockstar, PopEvils latest album, how to constantly challenge yourself, and much more. Enjoy!

Josh is a 29 year old, Rockstar-drummer, a nice guy, a serious CrossFit athlete  and soon to be husband, living in Michigan, US.

Photo by: John Payne of Payne Productions

We discuss


Josh background, he started focusing on drums when he was 18 when he got the question:
“If you can do anything in the world and succeed at it, what would it be? “
 Josh started playing drums when he was 20 years old,  has been playing drums for 9 years, Been with PopEvil for 5 years. Josh studied a bachelor in “music industry management”
PM_Artist_Josh-Marunde-_EA2417101925_vbmviuayxs43_TB - Kopia

Photo by: John Payne of Payne Productions


 Check out Josh Energy on stage!


What category are the band in?

Wide reaching Radio Rockband

Don’t have any limits. Check out their newest This is PopEvils latest Video: Ways to get high: Song link:

Being a CrossFit Athlete

Josh heard about CrossFit  the first time 2009, around 2011 Josh and his brother tried Helen.”kinda LIKE cardio, strongman, weightlifting”

That sounds Stupid :)


Helen is a famous named “WOD”  (Workout of the Day)

  • Three rounds for time:
  • Run 400 meters
  • 21 (1 1/2) pood Kettlebell 24kg (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)
  • 12 Pull-ups

How many double-unders can you do?


Training program:

  • He has remote coaching..
  • Optimal: 2 workouts a day for 5 days a week
  • Thursday: “playful restday” Active Recovery NO BARBELL
  • Sunday: Resting, (might do Yoga)
Josh in 14.1
Difference between CrossFit as a health and training program and CrossFit as a sport
“CrossFit increase my quality of life”

Josh Motivation

“Be the best I can be”

“Constantly challenge myself, improve and be better every day”

Josh Favourite Workouts: 

  • Murph: Sub 30 min
  • The Seven
  • King Kong 3 RFT
    • 1dl 445,
    • 2 cl 265,
    • 3 mu,
    • 4 hspu

Worst workouts:

Worst Opex Tester


  • 25 kbs 2pood
  • 25 burpees

1 Round?

  • 15 HPC  185 lbs
  • 15 burpees over bar
  • Rest 12 min and repeat

2k row

FRAN TIME: 2. 29

Josh supplements

  • Pure Pharma 3 Combo package!
  • Kill Cliff
  • Amino Acids – all day PRe,intra, post
  • Tea  – green tee
  • Focus more about the quality of the food

Food: Cale spinnage, leafy greens. the importance of Food and recovery

“You are in charge in your own destiny” – MAKE IT HAPPEN!

“if you still taking about the past, then you haven’t done anything today”

Looking a head

Goal to be top 20 in the Central east region CrossFit open! Find a team for 2017.


Losing is a massive setback. Josh explains that the biggest failure, is to have a something to go wring (a struggle) and not learn from it.

Coolest experience as a rockstar

Meeting his fiance – GOOD Answer! :D

Favourite songs with Pop Evil

Josh explains :

  • ’45 Focus
  • ’46 Success
  • ‘ 47Winning Disciplines

 “if you do the little things right, you will automatically do the big things right”

The only thing in life we can’t get more of is time. Make sure that you use it wisely. Get Comfortable with the uncomfortable

Josh top 3: 

  1. Communication
  2. Honesty
  3. Eat your vegetables

People we mention

Thank Josh! and connect on social media !

My favourite song: Trenches:

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