“If man has a strong enough why, he will find a how” – Victor E. Frankl

The Value of Thinking About Why

Here are just some of the benefits of asking why:

  • It defines success.
  • It creates decision-making criteria.
  • It aligns resources.
  • It motivates.
  • It clarifies focus.
  • It expands options.

People love to win. If you’re not totally clear about the purpose of what you’re doing, you have no game to win. – David Allen

It Defines Success
People are starved for “wins” these days. We love to play games, and we like to win, or at least be in a position where we could win.
And if you’re not totally clear about the purpose of what you’re doing, you have no chance of winning. Purpose defines success. It’s the primal reference point for any investment of time and energy, from deciding to run for elective office to designing a form.

Action Exercise:

When you set a goal or undertake any endeavor, ask yourself: why? If you are serious about a goal, ask yourself: why 5-times (like a “HAZOP analysis, you can add “Why” + “Because” at least 5 times to drill down your true purpose)

Example: Goal for this year is to read 30 books.

  1. Why: I love to read
  2. Why (do you love to read?): Because it makes me grow as a person and I have always wanted to read more
  3. Why (do you want to grow more and read more?) : Because I feel that I can and want to learn more so that I become better?
  4. Why (do you want to become better?): Because I feel that is my duty and purpose as a human, to strive to improve myself.
  5. Why (do you want to improve yourself?): Because I feel happy

Or simply add 5 independent “Whys” to this goal

Do you know your why? Do you believe that knowing your why is important?

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