The Perfect Running system

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Whats your standard for running? Running is a fundamental human skill, both for physical and mental well-being. Running well is an integral part of all sports. Running fast,  running a lot, and being able to do so without collecting injuries is crucial to being able to train, to compete, to play.  Have you ever really thought about how your are [...]

Rob Wilson – The Art of Breath – The FLAWD podcast (#037)

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Interested in attending the Art of Breath with Rob and Brian Mackenzie in the nordics? Let us know - visit: In this all english episode #037: We met Rob Wilson to talk about breathing. Can breathing improve performance and recovery? Rob shares practical tips on how to improve our breathing right now and the most common [...]

Art of Breath

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Can breathing improve performance and recovery? If we don’t breathe, we die. Although we all know this simple fact breathing remains the most underutilized component of health and human performance. The Art of Breath (AoB) is a program developed to give participants an experience based understanding of how breathing can affect both short term performance and long [...]

Tommy Blom – StrongFirst – The FLAWD podcast (#036)

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I avsnitt #036: Vi får träffa Tommy Blom, en av världens bästa instruktörer inom Krav Maga. Vi får höra om Tommys tränings bakgrund hur han hittade Kettlebells, vilket han också utbildar inom StrongFirst. Vi får höra hur Tommy använder flera olika system såsom: StrongFirst, Krav Maga,  Ground Force Method, Functional Movement System och Advanced Buteyko till ett [...]

David Brudö – Remente – The FLAWD podcast (#035)

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I avsnitt #035: David Brudö vill demokratisera välbefinnande med verktyg och metoder som hjälper folk att må bra, med utgångspunkt från hur hjärnan fungerar och tillgängliggöra det för fler. Den främsta orsaken till sjukfrånvaro är mental ohälsa och det vill David ändra på med appen: Remente  Ett Life Management system som hjälper dig att levla i livet. Appen [...]

Jordan Harbinger – Minisode Monday – The FLAWD podcast (#034)

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In this all english episode #034: This is a "RE-podcast" of The Art of Charm Minisode Monday (episode #30) where Jordan Harbinger shares his thoughts about why comparing yourself to others is a toxic habit — and one you should make a promise to stop doing sooner than later.  After the episode we talk some more with Jordan [...]

Jordan Harbinger – The Art of Charm – The FLAWD podcast (#033)

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In this all english episode #033: Jordan Harbinger is the host of the podcast: the Art of Charm, which is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. AoC is regularly ranked top 50 on iTunes. Jordan and his team have been producing 570+ episodes over a 10 year period.  We are introduced to how Jordan [...]

Carl Paoli – Freestyle Connection – The FLAWD podcast (#032)

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In this all english episode #032: Carl Paoli is one of the most renowned coaches in the world today. He is originally from Spain, a former elite gymnast, creator of Naka Athletics, Gymnastics WOD,  Author and a New York Times Best Seller and a business man. Carl is on a mission to help make a positive impact in [...]


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Vad är ADAPTdrink? Ett mellanmål som vi nämnt på Podcasten ett antal gånger. Främst med Norges SwimRun Ambassadör (#06) och den som skapade detta är legend coachen Kristian Kristiansen som varit med på Podcasten 2 ggr (#02 och #22) Vi har pratat om ketos tidigare på podden och detta är ett bra komplement till vår post om [...]

Valerie Hunt – The Pose Lady – The FLAWD podcast (#031)

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In this all english episode #031: Valerie Hunt is one of the most experience running coaches in the world. She is the head coach of CrossFit Speciality Course: Pose Method. We get to learn how to run, common mistakes of running how to fix them. Practical tips for improving running, breathing techniques, the Wim Hof Method, Training masks [...]