Time management

In todays world it’s absolutely imperative that you become a good time manager. At least I am one of those who want to become excellent at it! It will be a long road for me, but every journey starts with one small step. So here’s 4 tips how to become good at time management.

1. Neatness

If you have a messy desk or environment, your mind will be more willing to wonder away and be distracted.

2. Have everything you need in front of you

Once again, so you wont be distracted by having to move around to much.

3. Ask the “are there anything negative consequences” questions

Once you bring something out, ask yourself the question: “IF I don’t read/do this, are there any negative consequensces? – If the answer is no, throw it away. The same goes for archiving, ask the question if anything negative would happen if this piece of information wasn’t available, if nothing negative would happen – throw it away.

4. Once your done with a task – put it away.

Thats it.

More of this another time.




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