My name is Peter Larsson, my livelihood is Security and Project Manager.

My Passion is : technology, longevity, productivity, movement and combine them all into a lifestyle I call Focused Lifestyle. This lifestyle is based on disciplines, principles, rituals, habits, mental models and all other relevant framework. Combining the rigidity of disciplines into the never ending improvement of lifestyle to FLAWD. Focused Lifestyle AND Winning Disciplines. – this is the site you are on.

What is my MTP 

My MTP (Massively Transformative Purpose) is to inspire leaders to increase self-awareness, create mindsets and tools to forge a great future, today. 

I am foremost a student of life. Best way to be a student is to teach others what I know. This has lead my down many paths. Including CrossFit coaching, breathing coaching, seminars, public speaking, podcasting, blogging, project mangagement etc.

With greater awareness comes more options, with more options we can do better choices, with better choices we can improve the world

With the foundation of Focused Productivity and the 7 principles we free up time to move deeper into ourselves and the path of self improvement. This is the starting point to getting you to the next evolution of your life.

We will combine movement, breathing, mobility (stretch, posture, increased Range of Motion, and movement freedom) into complete digital lifestyle. Some people have called us Knowledge workers.

Peter Larsson and team, we lead the field for WISDOM WORKERs.


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