What is FLAWD?

FLAWD is an acronym that stands for Focused Lifestyle And Winning Disciplines.

Mission statement

Be a force for good. We inspire the world with Movement, Breathing, and Productivity.


Goal statement

We believe in:

  • Synergy
  • Holistic approach
  • SImplicity
  • Ephemeralization
  • Systems thinking
  • Feedback
  • Kaizen
  • Exclusiveness

We believe in Synergy

Synergy means “working together”. Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

For us it means that in everything we do (movement, breathing, and productivity) there are common denominators that work across the different systems or areas.  For instance, If I improve movement (“move well, move often”) I will be able to improve my health, with improving health I improve everything else. On the contrast: If I don’t move, or move poorly, everything else will be worse (posture, breathing, productivity will decrease).

There is nothing in the chemistry of a toenail that predicts the existence of a human being. For us Synergy means that all systems we use are mutually accommodating systems.Meaning that we will incorporate all systems that work with each other – if any system does not work with the other systems – it is not synergetic (if I can’t use a breathing pattern whilst moving it is not synergetic. If I can’t handle my stress levels at work with a breathing pattern I will stop breathing with that pattern and change protocol to increase productivity).

If pieces of a system cannot be integrated or explained – that system will be removed or refined from the Synergy. This is the benefit of a holistic approach.   

We believe in a holistic approach

It is entirely possible to be a” jack of all trades”, and a master of many. Specialists overestimate the time needed to “master” a skill and confuse “master” with “perfect”. Generalists recognize that the 80/20 principle applies to skills: 20% of a language’s vocabulary will enable you to communicate and understand at least 80%. 20% of the moves in a sport account for 80% of the scoring, etc. Generalists take the condensed study up to the point of rapidly diminishing returns. It is possible to become world-class in almost any skill within one year. A broad range of skills create the synergistic approach and creates a unique the interconnectedness of systems. As technology becomes a commodity with the democratization of information, it’s the big-picture generalists who will predict, innovate, and rise to power fastest. There is a reason military “generals” are called such.

We believe in simplicity

Simplicity. Occam’s Razor guides us. Everything should be made as simple as possible. Simple is elegant, understandable and to make something complex look simple and easy demands mastery of the basics.

We believe in Ephemeralization

Ephemeralization means doing more with less until you can do everything with nothing.  Computers and computing power is an example of ephemeralization.  Based on Moore’s Law (named after Intel founder Gordon E. Moore), the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles every two years. As a result, computers that used to take up entire rooms have gotten smaller over the past few decades. In spite of speculation that Moore’s Law may have reached its physical limits, we s continue to find ways to increase computing power enforcing the principle of ephemeralization.

We believe in Systems Thinking

Systems thinking revolves around a handful of concepts that anyone who is determined to learn can master, with study and practice.
  • All systems are composed of interconnected parts.
  • The structure of a system determines its behavior.
  • System behavior is an emergent phenomenon.
  • Feedback loops control a system’s major dynamic behavior. 
  • Complex social systems exhibit counter-intuitive behavior.

We believe in feedback

Feedback is the breakfast for champions. Without feedback it is much harder to improve.

We believe in Kaizen

A constant relentless never ending improvement in all areas is what drives us.

We believe in Exclusiveness

Exclusiveness implies scarcity, it is important to note that the FLAWD lifestyle is not suited for everyone.


Universe is synergetic. Life is Synergetic.



FLAWD is an acronym that stands for Focused Lifestyle And Winning Disciplines. FLAWD is pronounced in the same way as the English Flawed [flôd]which is an adjective meaning that something is imperfect in some way. FLAWD is also a play on words with the Swedish word: “Flåd” which is a positive emotional expression and can mean; nice/ something out of the ordinary/ and the exclusive things in life.Simil, rly if something is “flådig” in swedish it is very nice and usually exclusive.



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