Undvik överträning med HRV (hjärtvariabilitet)

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Alla tränar så otroligt mycket nuförtiden. Man tränar varje dag, all-in varenda pass, och t.om. ibland dubbelpass! Men vart går gränsen till när det blir kontraproduktivt? Hur kan jag veta att jag tränar för mycket, innan jag går in i "väggen"? En av de senaste metoderna för att diagnostisera överträning kallas HRV (Heart Rate Variability), försvenskat "hjärtvariabilitet", [...]

How to use Pocket to win

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What is Pocket?   How many times have you been surfing the web and stumbled upon an article that you really wanted to read and but didn't have time right now? Pocket allows you to grab links, images, videos, etc. and save them for later review and strips out the clutter from the articles and presents them as "easy-to [...]

How to USE TRELLO to your advantage

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What is Trello? Trello is a simple project management tool  a simple, fun collaborative project management tool and it can be your GTD task management tool. Trello is lets you "drag and drop" task units once a task is DONE you  just move it to "DONE" lane -> extremely simple! More about that later. Trellos own definition: "a web [...]

How to use Coach.me to your advantage

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What is Coach.me? The Coach.me app is a simplistic app that aims to help you set and reach goals through creating new habits and helping you sticking to them. It is an application available on Web, iOS and Android. "Instant coaching for any goal" - Coach.me tagline - how can you NOT love that? Why do you [...]

How to be ultra productive and super secure while traveling the world

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Today the world is so small, and so available. Most of us love to travel, but very few take any kind of precautions! Why!? Well, most of us simply have an attitude of complacency or fatalism, like "disasters doesn't happen to me" or "if it's going to happen, it's going to happen", this is very dangerous [...]

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