Cecilia Paulsson- PaulssonPaleo – The FLAWD Podcast (#053)

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I avsnitt #053 Vi träffar Cecilia Paulsson som driver livsstilsföretaget PaulssonPaleo tillsammans med sin familj. Vi pratar Cecilias resa som började med en kokbok till att idag bo på en gård i Halmstad och sikta på att bli självförsörjande. Vi pratar om Paleo, fördelar och nackdelar med att bo på en gård. Livvstilssjukdomar, kosthållning, vad vi kan [...]

Ludvig Sunström – Breaking Out Of Homeostasis – The FLAWD Podcast (#052)

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I avsnitt #052 Vi snackar med Ludvig Sunström: författare, entreprenör och driver podden: 25 minuter (tillsammans med Mikael Syding). Vi diskuterar Ludvigs senaste bok: Breaking Out Of Homeostasis. Vi lär vad homeostas är och varför vi ska bryta homeostasen.  Du får svaret på om det är kört när man är över 30 år gammal? Vi snackar om [...]

The unbelievable benefits of cold exposure

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Have you ever tried to take a cold shower?? If so, you'll know that it's hard because it's simply uncomfortable. So what do you do? You switch to hot water of course. But did you know that many people have found success by using (gradual) cold exposure and breathing techniques to improve overall health and well-being? [...]

Ray Sidney-Smith – Getting More Done with Evernote – The FLAWD Podcast (#051)

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In this all English episode #051: We met Ray Sidney-Smith a productivity technology management consultant. We discuss Rays 4 buckets of productivity. Getting More Done, an extension of GTD. Ray shares the 6 levels of focus. We talk about the importance of dividing your life into categories, and we discuss what I call a "masterclass" of Evernote. If you [...]

Stacey Harmon – Radical Productivity with Evernote – The FLAWD Podcast (#050)

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In this all English episode #050: We talk with Stacey Harmon an Evernote expert and professional digital organizer. Stacey runs enterprises and shares valuable insights how we can improve our digital lives. We talk how it can be possible to "work from anywhere", to centralize our digital lives in one place: Evernote. We get tips and strategies how [...]

Manuel Marquina – Evernote – The modern workspace – The FLAWD Podcast (#049)

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 In this all English episode #049: Manuel Marquina is the marketing manager for Evernote in Europe. We talk about what Evernote is, why its hard to be productive in the modern workplace, the 3 overloads knowledge workers face, challenges for new Evernote users. We talk about Evernote for business. Manuel shares specific tactics and strategies; one being the [...]

Introduktion till Focused Productivity del 2- The FLAWD Podcast (#048)

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I avsnitt #048 Del 2 av en live session där Peter håller föredrag om Mastering the Art of Focused Productivity. Notera nytt intro till podden av Erik Rådbo! :) Vi bygger vidare på ramverket: APS (Acceptans, Principer och System). Vi får en överblick på Peak Performance Triangeln, FLOW, Matrisen för Mental effektivitet, 8 mentala strategier för mental [...]

Introduktion till Focused Productivity del 1 – The FLAWD Podcast (#047)

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I avsnitt #047 En live session där Peter håller föredrag om Mastering the Art of Focused Productivity. Vi lär oss ramverket: APS (Acceptans, Principer och System), De 7 principerna av Focused Productivity, Peak Performance Triangeln, Flow, Mental effektivitet, 8 Mentala strategier , varför vi bör ha en extern hjärna,  One thing, Power Hour, Miracle Morning, och extremt [...]

Master your breathing – the essential key to improving your life

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Have you ever thought about how you breathe? Every day you are taking about 20000 breaths , adding up to over a 100 million breaths during a lifetime. Whats your system for breathing? Don't have one? Then you are probably doing it wrong! Now you ask; how can I possibly be breathing wrong? Most of us [...]

Swimming – Aquatic Locomotion

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Swimming.   The ultimate frontier. Have you ever watched someone who can crawl effortlessly? Have you ever tried swimming? If so, you'll know that it's difficult because its challenging not only physically, but also mentally, the urge to breathe and to feel safe is a strong motivator not to swim at all! So what do you do? [...]