Here are some tips and tricks to get you started towards a Focused Lifestyle:

Events and Workshops

My current events, workshops and seminars is available on eventbrite


Learn how to breathe. Apply online or attend a workshop


Learn how to move. Movement is what we are designed for evolutionary. Learn fun, effective ways to move to improve your life and longevity. Mobility is an integral part of Movement. Apply online or attend a workshop


Learn the 7 principles of Focused Productivity. Attend a seminar, workshop or apply online. Learn the tools and principles for optimizing your life.

Tools for the Focused Lifestyle

Learn all the tools you need. Accept nothing less then excellence, virtuosity and a constant relentless self improvement. The tools are not the objective. Use your core values and goals to guide you when selecting the tools.

Mental tools and systems

  • 8 Mental Strategies
  • 4xd Framework
  • 6D framework
  • GTD
  • PAO
  • Breathing
  • Who, not how
  • APS
  • Learn more at a workshop near you, apply online,  or buy the book



  • Evernote My absolute favorite tool of all time! Been using it daily since 2010. So much so that I became an ECC – Evernote Certified Conslutntant.  Read more how I use it on our Evernote Post and how to optimize Evernote for fitness
  • RescueTime – What is measured gets improved.

Motivation and inspiration:


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