Michel Vos – Get your life together with GTD and Passion – The FLAWD podcast (episode #008)


In this (all english) episode Michel Vos tells us how to get our life together using  life frameworks, like GTD, SCRUM and his own Master Class. He reminds us that we are just monkeys with a smartphone. We talk about:  occams protocol for training, how to understand and overcome procrastination, peeing in the shower, workflow management, supplement, bulletproof coofee, Onnit, Human optimization, Intermittent fasting, Pomodoro technique, morning routine, evening routines, Flow states, meditation, "entertrainment" and much much more.  Michel is a Life & Biohacker, GTD Specialist, Muay Thai & BJJ Aficionado Selected Links: Eindbazen Podcast - "Final Boss" in Dutch Nootrofit Twelve Waves - [...]