In this (all english) episode
Michel Vos tells us how to get our life together using  life frameworks, like GTD, SCRUM and his own Master Class. He reminds us that we are just monkeys with a smartphone. We talk about:  occams protocol for training, how to understand and overcome procrastination, peeing in the shower, workflow management, supplement, bulletproof coofee, Onnit, Human optimization, Intermittent fasting, Pomodoro technique, morning routine, evening routines, Flow states, meditation, “entertrainment” and much much more. 

Michel is a Life & Biohacker, GTD Specialist, Muay Thai & BJJ Aficionado

We discuss

Having an impact
“We are just a monkey with a smartphone”
Getting Things Done Framework – The importance of having an “external brain”.
WorkFlow Management
How to manage Stress
Occams protocol – train 2 times a week – a lot of “time under tension”
“basically what I teach is the stuff I have stolen from all the gurus I’ve ever read about”

Michel informs us:

  • Life of an entrepreneur and how he made the transition
  • How to improve on known concepts and evovle them
  • Workflow management
  • Being aware of the luck of being born in the western world
  • Procrastination
  • Peeing in the shower
  • how to fight procrastination
  • Michels SCRUM Daily Standup system using 2 friends for accountability
  • How to align actions with Goals
  • Similarities to martial arts and CrossFit – how to steal frameworks
  • Onnit
  • Human Optimization


Michels 4 main models in his MasterClass

  1. Evolutionary luggage – how to be aware of it
  2. Setting Goals – KNOW what you want and WHY – find your motivation
  3. Measure your progress – GTD workflow management
  4. Procrastination – Identify the reason your procrastinating. Be specific and find out the smallest step of progress and do it!
Success is progress towards goals

Why do we procrastinate? and how to fight it

  • Physical Danger
  • Your tasklist is not actionable enough
  • You don’t know what you want to achieve
  • We know that after we finish this task, there will be a new and another task – fear of neverending story
  • Make sure your actions are as small as possible
  • Make sure you get “interventions” Michel use WhatsApp with 2 friends

Michel:s definitions of 

  • Focus
  • Success
  • Winning Disciplines

Primal Bells


Michels top 3 supplements

  • Magnesium – epsom salt
  • Vitamin D3
  • MCT Oil

Floating tank


Morning Routine

3 eggs and Bulletproof coffee

Daily prep – GTD -> Ask yourself: any meetings? Do you have an agenda?

Evening Routine

No screens 1 hours before sleeping



Tim Ferris 4 hour body

Tim Ferris – 4 Hour workweek

Robert Green – 48 laws of power


How to overcome “entertrainment”

Explain WHY we are doing thing

Michels top 3 recommendations: 

  1. Take care of your body
  2. Get an aim in life
  3. Don’t be afraid to fail
 If you want to be a black belt you have to

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