In this all english episode #016:

Jeff is the Head coach and director of training for Power Speed Endurance (formerly known as CrossFit Endurance). Jeff is on a mission to inspire people through strength and health. he is a 3x Ironman finisher, 8+ times marathon runner,  Sub 3 Hour marathon! So he knows a thing or two about running! We talk about running, the transition from CrossFit Endurance to Power Speed Endurance. We learn key koncepts in regards to running, like the importance of body position, and how to use gravity in running. The Power Speed Endurance about skill FIRST and volume/intensity last in a training program. A lot of great endurance tips, recommended reading. For everyone that wants to learn how to run, incorporating strength in running and vice verca, this is a must listen to episode for you. Enjoy this inspiring episode with Jeff Ford – Power Speed Endurance

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Jeff is someone who likes to inspire people to strength and health. Head coach and director of training for Power Speed Endurance (formerly known as CrossFit Endurance). Sub 3 Hour marathon

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Books we mention:

We discuss

  • The tattoo – Chinese symbol that stands for strength and the english word: inspired
  • What he does being head coach and director of Power Speed Endurance (PSE)
  • Internships of CrossFit Endurance -> PSE
  • 4 different trainer levels for PSE
    • Level 4 – the intern or trainer becomes on staff
  • Jeffs Background as an athlete and he explains how he found CrossFit Endurance
  • MET days – Muscular Endurance Days
  • The importance of learning skill FIRST and volume/intensity last in a training program
  • Jeffs other projects:





What is CrossFit Endurance?

CrossFit as a base – and apply it to the sport specific athlete!

Develop a bigger engine and stamina -> Strength and conditioning as the base and Skills and drills. Focus on quality.
CrossFit endurance teache
Runners are the most injury prone athletes
CrossFit Endurance teach quality movements specific to the runner, and the training protocol is strength and conditioning intervals using CrossFit.
Olympic lifting and running are hard to coach
Jeffs tips to start running:
Run with good posture, fall from the ankles and pull the feet from the ground. The main relationship in good running is to put your body in a good position and utilize gravity.

What do we learn in Power Speed Endurance (PSE)?

“Movement and skill first” program


How to start running?

Read Running Revolution book – see book recommendations. We talk about the importance of having a optimal position towards: gravity. We always start with skill

Traditional training:

Starts with Volume! Alot of Volume! And focus on skill in the end! In PSE (PowerSpeedEndurance) we start with skill and position.


80% on runners gets injured

The importance of holding a position, if you cant hold position when you run for a long you will make compromises and might get injured.

Jeffs Favorite  Endurance Workout: “HELEN”

Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)
12 Pull-ups

If you do it – let us know! This is also a favorite workout for another guest: Rockstar Athlete episode 11 – ChaChi Marunde

Jeff Defines

  • His biggest setback
  • Focus
  • Success
  • Winning Disciplines

Jeffs top 3

  1. Invest in yourself first
  2. Put your family first
  3. Sleep

Jeff on the socials

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