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Carl Paoli is one of the most renowned coaches in the world today. He is originally from Spain, a former elite gymnast, creator of Naka Athletics, Gymnastics WOD,  Author and a New York Times Best Seller and a business man. Carl is on a mission to help make a positive impact in the world using movement as a base. We learn about what Freestyle Connection is, the movements called Freestyle four, the imagine game, transferability the importance of locomotion and much much more. Enjoy!

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Photo by Caragh Camera -

Photo by Caragh Camera –

Short bio:

Carl is a (former) elite gymnast. From spain. Also from Sweden. Found CF around 2004. The creator of Naka Athletics. GymnasticsWOD. NYT best seller. Freestyle book. SUPER COACH! Teacher in the fitness industry.
The longer answer:
Business man who is trying to develop a compassionate business around helping people understand themselves, their environments, their craft, and how they can make a positivit change in the world, regardless what they do and who they are.

We discuss

  • 5.45 How Carl are doing a positive change in the world – always been a dreamer.
  • 7.00 Carl was a very fearful kid. Scared of everything and Gymnastics helped Carl about
  • 7.30 Carls first ever gymnastics competition. On the floor Carl share his transformation in competition. 1987
  • 09.20 Carl was about to move on from gymnastics, 1996 – he share his feeling for the olympics magnificent seven – Kerry Strug (this is also the year Carl started coaching)
  • 10.15 Skill transfer triangle:

Tq = technique

S= Skill

Carl Defines skill as: “The ability to apply movement strength to perform a task”. This definition of skill is easily confused with the term “technique”, which describes a way to carry out a particular task.


    • 1215 Free+Style essence: accepting and respecting all styles of movement. Every movement is applicable to another movement!
    • 1315: There are 4 movement patterns: Squatting, Pressing Pulling and ability to combine.
    • 1345 Freestyle 4, 4 movements Carl writes about in the book: Pistol squat, HandstandPushup, Muscle-Up and Burpee. We really care about getting BETTER!
    • 14.30 Where does transfereabilty happen?
    • 16.00 Carls backstory – Born us -> Ecuador -> US -> Spain -> Summers In Sweden (jönköping)  2002 Singapore 2004 San Fransisco Californa – and Carl stayed there for 13 years.
    • 19.15 Carl worked Marine Mammal Hospital with Sealions – Pathology
    • 2015 How Tony Horton creator of P90x and Jane Fonda affected Carls philosophy.
    • 22.30 Media part of how to share information. CrossFit loves videos. Carl used words and video to share his knowledge to encourage people to understand.
    •  23.35 Peter share his story with being really crappy at burpee
    • 24.04 Freestyle Connection dot COM
    • 25.17 The “imagine game”.
    • 30.05 Why is the pistol squat important for locomotion!? Because the leg is on one side of our body, and it creates a rotation component “a spin”, that we need to resist to not fall. That ability to resist rotation from the trunk and hips is the foundation of locomotion: walking, running , throwing, catching crawling
    • 31.03 Ido portal

  • 32.46 Why we are borned to RUN
  • 33.54 Steve Jobs – We build tools.

caco-18dc11bsur_8341c a Condor! :)

  • 35.10 How do we design tools?
  • 36.20 Strike Movement and the backstory
  • 40.26 Carl Never set an alarm clock!? Remind Yourself – You are in control.
  • 41.38 The PODCAST – it’s a sign!!!! <3
  • 42.170 PMA – Positive Mental Attitude
  • 43.35 Wim Hof – His rituals that gets peoples focused! Entertainment means holding FOCUS!! If you know how to entertain yourself! You are 100% FOCUSED!
  • 46.05 You can choose what you want to do!
  • 47.45 Carl
  • 49.00 Whats on the horizon – The MODERN MOVER -> Programming  2 new seminars: Excellence and Freestyle methodology, Strike Movement new collection


Carls top 3 with 24hours to live

  1. Thank the parents and family for everything –
  2. Kiss the wife and kid
  3. See you late thank you very much

“I have learned to let go”

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