In this all english episode #033:
Jordan Harbinger is the host of the podcast: the Art of Charm, which is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. AoC is regularly ranked top 50 on iTunes. Jordan and his team have been producing 570+ episodes over a 10 year period.  We are introduced to how Jordan found the “secret third path” to success!  Clue: it is NOT being smarter or working harder! It is networking and creating lasting win-win relationships and leveraging them for business.  Jordan shares his secrets to being one of the best interviewers in the world. We discuss what you learn on AoC bootcamp in developing our relationship skills, like: mentor-ship, networking, negotiation, influence, vocal tonality, eye-contact, body language and much more.  You don’t want to miss this episode! Enjoy!

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Short bio:

Jordan asks brilliant people interesting questions and makes their wisdom available for everyone.
Art of charm has over 570 episodes to date and releases episodes regularly with focus on interview podcast but  recently also added a weekly inspirational episode: Minisode Monday – Example of our ep 34 which we re-podcasted here. And FMF (Fan Mail Friday) where Jordan Aj and other experts answer the listeners question on relationships.

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We discuss

  • 6.30 Proof is there  Jordan shares his “secret” how to become top interviewer in the world!
  • 8.00 Its not approprate for people to make it look too easy
  • 8.45 Jordans backstory – and business partner AJ started the Art of Charm. We get to know the secret of how “DAVE” got success, and he was never in the office.
  • 10.05 Time was more valuable outside office
  • 10.20 “there is only 20 hours a day” :)
  • 11.25 The secret third path – is NOT being smarter or working harder – it is networking and creating relationships and leveraging that for business. How can we become more valuable for others?
  • 12.55 the difference from game (pickup techniques) and Art of Charm  – White hat version of pickup skills.
  • 13.45 All skillsets, AoC : Body language, vocal tenality, eye contact, mentorship, networking, negotiation, influence,
  • 14.45 Bootcamp – what is it about and who applies
  • 16.45 work on yourself to become the person you deserve to be
  • 17.00 Objections from people to not go to bootcamp. People from ALL over the world. Being in Sweden is not valid excuse, if YOU REALLY want it. If you are committed, you can do the travel. And the reason for why AoC aren’t doing seminars in Europe. (I am aiming for bootcamp summer 2017, email me if you also are taking it)
  • 21.00  Bootcamps are sold out 4-5 months in
  • 21.30 why is the podcast so popular?
  • 23.00 Jordans Secret to being one of the best interviewer in the world, comparing it with Tony Hawk –
  • 24.00 People want to have actionable advice. READ THE BOOKs Peter! :)
  • 25.13 Jordan shares Behind the scenes information from his example with Mark Massimino
  • 26.30 I can’t believe you remember that – they opened the show with that.
  • 27.30 the Skill of understanding interview subjects.
  • 28.45 Peters Last questions from BulletProof + Brian Tracy (KWINK) and of course Jordan answers
  • 29.30 Jordans KWINK: Youtube channel instead bigger fan conversion
  • 30.05 Other thing -> Jordan would have started AoC with a business mindset.
  • 31.30 There are also upsides of not being a business compared to a hobby.
  • 33.30  Discussion of if it is good to have a last question on a podcast. Remember Jordans: “survivorship bias” (if you survive something you think that just because you survived, and that will be the story you tell)

Next episode me and Jordan continue the discussion starting of with a Minisode Monday episode and then we are discussing AoC framework and course Social Capital and creating your Platform. See you there!


Jordans KWINK (Knowing What I Now Know)

  • Jordan would probably had started a videochannel instead of a podcast. He also shares that having a business mindset from the beginning would have been beneficial.

The Socials

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