In this all English episode #049:
Manuel Marquina is the marketing manager for Evernote in Europe. We talk about what Evernote is, why its hard to be productive in the modern workplace, the 3 overloads knowledge workers face, challenges for new Evernote users. We talk about Evernote for business. Manuel shares specific tactics and strategies; one being the Chill Out strategy! :)  And we are also talking about the future of productivity and much more. Enjoy!

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Short bio:

Manuel is Account manager and business manager in Zurich in switzerland

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  • 3.00 Evernote is a workspace, share ideas. that is always accessible. Manuel like the notion of thinking of it as an atomic unit. that can contain everything or nothing.
  • 4.00 Evernote has been around for 9 years. Their previous tagline was: “Remember everything”. Workspace of writing down ideas.
  • 5.00 Why is it hard for us to work in the modern workplace? When we work we have one challenge – one overload: Data overload – Buckminster Fuller – 1982 – a theoretical graph – until all knowledge doubles. Previous it was every 100 years. Today it is 1year for us to double – IBM study – 2025 – at the end of
    memory can hold 4 things at the same time.
  • 9.00 Ebbinghaus forgetting curve – 60% information is lost within the first hour after input. Memory techniques, like repetition. Writing down notes in your own notes.
  • 1000 We mention memory champion Idriz Zogaj – Listen #46  (Swedish ep)
  • 11.00 Why not only pen and paper? You don’t have to choose! But the downside of it is physical; you can lose it. You cannot connect it.
  • 13.00 3 Reasons that Manuel uses Evernote:
    • 1. Data Overload (we spend 2 hours searching for information every day)
    • 2. Communication Overload (80% of every day is spent in communication)
    • 3. Cognitive Overload – you are interrupted every 5 minutes, either yourself (by checking social media) or by other persons. it takes about 20 min to come back to where you were.
  • 14.00 Manuel use an overview note for a project or a task and link it.
  • 15.00 Manuel reads a lot. And uses Evernote to save it for later. A notebook called: Reading
  • 18.00 The 3 Overloads
  • 19.00 What is the biggest issue with using Evernote? OverOrganize!! Crazy structures. No structure. If you have a lot of content, you need some kind of structure.
  • 20.30 Manuel uses Notebooks. Productivity is individual! Tags confuse Manuel. :) He creates notebooks for areas of his life; family, productivity. Design. Project notebooks: with a clear end date. Use one notebook called: inbox.
  • 23.00 Chill Out strategy! – Projects, Areas, and Resources
    • Projects: end date and clear
    • Areas: Important things for you but don’t have an end date = area
    • Resources: Everything you need, an invoice
  • 25.00 Naming conventions. It is important to think about a structure for naming.
  • 26.45 What is Evernote for Business? Work is collecting materials, Working, sharing
  • 30.00 Files Attachments

  • 31.00 The next steps for Evernote for Business? Free Monthly trial here:
  • 32.00 Manuel helps companies on-board to Evernote for business.
  • 33.00 Manuels View of the Future – Productivity is personal 
  • 34.00 Technology can help you faster – Future is perhaps:
    • Voice (Alexa)
    • Virtual Reality
    • Augmented Reality
    • Machine Learning
  • 35.00 Technology could help you find information faster. But it is still up to you! It is personal.
  • 36.15 Manuels SideHustle – “Hustle a lot on the side”.
  • 37.00 2013/2014 Manuel started writing a weekly newsletter for productivity: Weekly Roundup
  • 38.00 Pins. Metal pins! :) Link to our Pin Shop :
  • 41.00 KWINK – Knowing What I Now Know..
  • Manuel answers:
  • Creating something of meaning takes time. Be patient. You need focus to create something great.


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