Productivity Course L1

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Focused Productivity The First course we have produced is still in BETA and we call it Productivity Course Level 1. Currently heavily discounted price! Only 79 USD for a limited time You will gain knowledge and deep understanding of personal and professional productivity. You will become aware of how you use your time, frameworks, tools, methods and [...]

FLOW – Nyckeln till optimala upplevelser

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Har du någonsin haft känslan att vara helt inne i det du gör? Du har full koncentration. Du glömmer bort att du är hungrig, att du är trött. Du glömmer bort allt runt omkring dig, och plötsligt inser du att tiden har flugit iväg. Kanske när du hållit ett föredrag? Kanske när du skrivit en uppsats, eller när du [...]

The Value of Thinking About WHY

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"If man has a strong enough why, he will find a how" - Victor E. Frankl The Value of Thinking About Why Here are just some of the benefits of asking why: It defines success. It creates decision-making criteria. It aligns resources. It motivates. It clarifies focus. It expands options. People love to win. If you’re [...]

How to optimize email – 10 Steps to become an email Ninja

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Is your email killing you? Email is a great tool. Everyone uses it!  It is so great that you feel compelled to check your email all the time, it might be the first thing you check when you wake up?! Since you do check your email often, you also expect other people to check their emails all-the-time. We [...]

How to join the FLAWD MasterMind Group

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What is a Master Mind? What is the FLAWD MasterMind and do you have what it takes to apply!?

How to live forever – 10 timeless principles for happiness

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10 timeless principles for happiness Who doesn't wanna to live forever?! It's the alluring question with everything from fountains of youth to vampires, to selling your soul to someone, to dieting and so on. As you know, nothing lasts forever. But! You can make yourself last forever by "making a dent in the universe"! However small. [...]


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Are you stressed out by all notifications and all “likes” ? Do you love social media but don't you think it is time to use Social media on your terms?

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