TFP #067 Harry Ng – Sorted – The FLAWD Podcast


In episode #067 We meet Harry the co-founder of Sorted. A productivity app for "Hyper-Scheduling". Please give the podcast 5 star review an tell everyone you know. Thank you. Subscribe: iTunes | Spotify| Amazon | Android | RSS | Stitcher |Acast   Selected Links:   Listen Books Remente Read Crossfit Swimming Running Experience In Gothenburg? Join Peters Evolutionary fitness class A Corona Safe outdoors, fitness system, where MovNat is a foundational part. Visit direct link to book. Or visit  all events on FLAWD on eventbrite FLAWD events & workshops  Also I have my own outdoors gym - contact me for IRL or Online coaching. [...]

TFP #067 Harry Ng – Sorted – The FLAWD Podcast2021-10-27T15:25:08+02:00

Introduktion till Focused Productivity del 1 – The FLAWD Podcast (#047)


I avsnitt #047 En live session där Peter håller föredrag om Mastering the Art of Focused Productivity. Vi lär oss ramverket: APS (Acceptans, Principer och System), De 7 principerna av Focused Productivity, Peak Performance Triangeln, Flow, Mental effektivitet, 8 Mentala strategier , varför vi bör ha en extern hjärna,  One thing, Power Hour, Miracle Morning, och extremt mycket mer. Detta är del 1 av 2 delar från ett föredrag under våren 2017 och ett första steg för dig att öka din produktivitet och fokus. Kom ihåg att ge oss 5 stjärnor och prenumerera på podden! Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher |Acast Vem? Peter [...]

Introduktion till Focused Productivity del 1 – The FLAWD Podcast (#047)2017-09-07T12:58:59+02:00

Idriz Zogaj – Gudfadern av Minne – The FLAWD Podcast (#046)


I avsnitt #046 Idriz Zogaj - Gudfadern av minne. Idriz är ordförande och grundare av svenska minnesförbundet,  förbundskapten för svenska minneslandslaget, och han har varit Sveriges bästa minne 5 år i rad. Han har författat 4 böcker, föreläser och hans TED Talk har mer än 6 millioner views. I detta minnesvärda avsnitt får vi lära oss grunderna i hur minnet fungerar, hur man tävlar i minne, hur man kan memorera siffror, minnessystem som PAO/ABC och Major systemet. Vi får grundläggande tips hur vi kan förbättra minnet, komma ihåg namn, och börja minnas längre. Vi får också följa med på Idriz egna resa från [...]

Idriz Zogaj – Gudfadern av Minne – The FLAWD Podcast (#046)2021-10-27T15:26:25+02:00

FLAWD Mentor Program


The importance of mentors Your associations are one of the most powerful influences that determine whether you will stick to your goals or get forever derailed. Dr. David McClelland of Harvard University concluded after 25 years of research that the choice of a negative “reference group” was in itself enough to condemn a person to failure and underachievement in life. His discovery indicates that your reference group is more important in determining your success or failure than any other single factor. “Associations are both subtle and powerful.” —Jim Rohn Finding a mentor is somewhat similar to getting a mastermind group, where the main [...]

FLAWD Mentor Program2017-06-27T16:15:51+02:00

The 7 rules of Peak Performance


Success is predictable. Success is a Science. Decide success for you! What would your life look like if you made it to a masterpiece? Author and speaker Brian Tracy has a formula for achieving peak performance.But first, you have to decide what success means to you: what does your ideal life look like?   7 ingredients of success 1 – Peace of mind This is your natural mental state, and one way to achieve it is to make a list of everything you have to do the next day before you go to bed. 2 – Good health and high levels of [...]

The 7 rules of Peak Performance2017-06-18T17:45:20+02:00

Why Weigh, Count and Measure? by Jim Rohn


Why Weigh, Count and Measure? by Jim Rohn Three key words to remember: weigh,  count and  measure.  Now why weigh, count and measure? To see what your results are from your activity, your attitude and your philosophy. If you find that the results are not to your liking, there are only three places to look. Your philosophy needs to be fine-tuned, your attitude needs to be strengthened or your disciplines need extra skill. But that’s it. Activity, attitude and philosophy create results. Now on results I teach that life expects you to make measurable progress in reasonable time. But, you must be reasonable with [...]

Why Weigh, Count and Measure? by Jim Rohn2017-06-18T17:45:28+02:00
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