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We meet Harry the co-founder of Sorted. A productivity app for “Hyper-Scheduling”. Please give the podcast 5 star review an tell everyone you know. Thank you.

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(00:33) Peter introduces the show and shares what he has been up to during 2020 season (CFL3, MovNat L1 etc)
(02:30) Who is Harry – and why did he started Sorted together with Niel

(04:30) Sorted has over 1Million downloads.

(06:30) Harry and his family are “Nomads” i.e. they are traveling the world and working remotely. How does this work? Harry got inspired by the classic book: 4hour work week by Tim Ferrris

(09:30) Okinawa in Japan is so far the best place that Harry has been to. It is also one of the earths “blue zones” ? Want to live forever read our post about longevity

(11:00) What is productivity for Harry? Think that you are an “arrow” – be clear: what you are working on, Be clear about your: Process, Use “Atomic Habits” (incremental changes) so you move forward every day.

(12:00) Harrys goal process: Here we focus on Harrys 5 big life goals. And his goal to read: 1000 books.

(21:30) Is To-Do list good or bad? List based and Scheduling based apps. Schedule

(24:30) Why cant I just write things down in a list? – Priorities change, times/scheduling is also important to conside

(28:00) How do I prevent over-scheduling? Hyper-Scheduling is an extension of GTD.

  • First: roughly Schedule what you want to do. Move lower priority to another day
  • 2nd: more important stuff on top of the list – use AutoSchedule – remember things will change during a day
  • 3rd: if extra time or less you can quickly shift tasks in the app –
  • 4: if you have set a time for your task you will not over schedule (at least not as much since you estimate time for your task)

(31:00) What is Hyper-Scheduling and what are the 3 pillars? Hyper-Scheduling is: “on top of scheduling” – “TimeBlocking” in a more concise way. Read more

3 Pillars of Hyper-Scheduling

      • Unified  – a single timeline
      • Effortless – no friction
      • Flexible – unpredictability happens, adjust your plan

(38:00) Story of the apple designer and commitment. Peter likes the buffer time. Task managers is not only about work.

(40:00) How does Harrys own workflow work?

  • Harry reviews the next day in the evening – Time Ruler to shift tasks, tasks that are together are linked
  • In the morning – Harry reviews and plan again (depending on energy level etc) either autoschedule for either full day or half day. then start working
  • During the day: a standard day will be with meetings. Other conversations are made in Slack.
  • Harry uses the BulletJournal style on his iPad.

(47:00) How to avoid “new shiny object syndrome”? You do not need to limit yourself. Remind yourself of what you actually want to do. Check your goals!

(50:00) You can make a recurring task in the app.

(51:00) What is “Magic Select” remember that is should be flexible – read more

(57:00) what is the biggest mistake users make about hyper-scheduling and Sorted? Rigid planning. New users think that the just because it is there – it is “set in stone”. Also do not schedule to many things in the beginning. 2-3 tasks

(59:00) Booktips – Remote and Deep Work.

(63:00) Productivity Gadget? – a Waterbottle creates the habit. IF THIS Then THAT

(66:00) FutureForecasting – What will happen in the future?

(71:00) KWINK

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About the author : Peter

Peter is Podcaster, CrossFit Coach, Security Professional and productivity expert. He is the founder of and the author of Security Encyclopedia: Peter blogs about health, technology and productivity. Peter is on a mission to help you to Focus, implement success disciplines and to Win in life!

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