TFP #064 Oskar Andermo – Strategic Tech Coaching – The FLAWD Podcast

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In episode #064 We meet Oskar Andermo. A Dubai based coach and entreprenour. We discuss how live is in Dubai during the 2020 Pandemic. Mental Toughness and the importance of Mental Training. Oskar is one of the disciples of Lars-Erik Uneståhl that is the father of Mental training from episode 54. We discuss how to start [...]

Stoicism – the optimal philosophy

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Stoicisim  Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by your own thoughts and emotions? Then you know it's difficult to navigate and control them. So what do you do? Perhaps act out, get angry and blaming others, blaming circumstance, feel like a victim? But what if I told you that there is a system; a philophy that [...]

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