Art of Breath


Can breathing improve performance and recovery? If we don’t breathe, we die. Although we all know this simple fact breathing remains the most underutilized component of health and human performance. The Art of Breath (AoB) is a program developed to give participants an experience based understanding of how breathing can affect both short term performance and long term health. Through a variety of simple and effective teaching tools we will help illuminate this powerful practice and help you grab this low hanging fruit. The AoB purpose is to help facilitate a deeper understanding of the physiological process so that each person can [...]

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How to use to your advantage


What is The app is a simplistic app that aims to help you set and reach goals through creating new habits and helping you sticking to them. It is an application available on Web, iOS and Android. "Instant coaching for any goal" - tagline - how can you NOT love that? Why do you need To achieve goals you usually have to create a habit (something that you do regularly). Soo what is a habit? According to Wikipedia: "A habit  is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously" How can we create habits? To [...]

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How to optimize email – 10 Steps to become an email Ninja


Is your email killing you? Email is a great tool. Everyone uses it!  It is so great that you feel compelled to check your email all the time, it might be the first thing you check when you wake up?! Since you do check your email often, you also expect other people to check their emails all-the-time. We are different individuals and most of us don't have any strategy for email, This never-ending checking/reading/replying can take up hours of time.. But ONLY if you let it. If you want to know how you can optimize your email management and use email as a tool to [...]

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How to live forever – 10 timeless principles for happiness


10 timeless principles for happiness Who doesn't wanna to live forever?! It's the alluring question with everything from fountains of youth to vampires, to selling your soul to someone, to dieting and so on. As you know, nothing lasts forever. But! You can make yourself last forever by "making a dent in the universe"! However small. This post originated in a friend asking me to write about this topic, and I think this will be both the hardest post and my personal favorite. Let's get started.   Why live forever? The first thought that comes to mind when thinking about living [...]

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The top 5 positive effects I get from training


As you might know, there are almost NO downside to training from any aspect. Since our lifestyles has changed last couple of 100 years, we as humans must today make a conscious effort to stay healthy. We are simply not built for sitting still all day. Therefore training are now a deliberate and conscious choice, and I guess that these aspects has made us more aware of training/fitness/health, which therefore makes it a topic that you can discuss with anyone. Everyone knows that training (in almost any way) is the best way for achieving health. Article information: |Reading time: 16min 13 Seconds | [...]

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How to Two-Factor your life and protect your personal information


  As a security professional, I often think about the question: Why do we need security? We have talked about "why" security is a basic need before at FLAWD. Without feeling safe and secure we can't live our best lives. So how can I feel safe and secure online? And why should I be concerned about security online? Do you already know that your passwords are not safe? Do you just want to know how to enable 2-factor authentication? Scroll down to the end of the article and read how to enable 2-factor security.   Your password is not secure anymore If [...]

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