In episode #019:
We meet Tony Stubblebine. Tony is the founder and CEO of the app. Tony is in the field of human performance, and he is  on  a mission to make coaching the dominant form of self-improvement in every field from business to education to fitness. Listen to this eye opening conversation where we learn  the importance of mastery, business coaching, Leadership, meeting mastery, meditation and so much more!! A must listen episode with the coach of human performance.

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Tony is the CEO of the app. Tony is  a business and leadership coach and previously the head engineer of Twitter. He is also an author of several books. Originally from San Fransisco he now lives in new york.

We discuss

Tonys background: he grew up in San Fransisco California. Originally a programmer.

Define and master a skill 

Build confidence as quick as possible. How? Master a skill!
Leadership: by Facilitating
Tony needs to have a mission!
The company started as lift and then later became (prounounced: Coach Dot Me) app: is reinventing coaching for mass consumption. Coaching is a multi-billion dollar market held back by quality, geography, and cost. We’re changing that.

With you can get expert level instruction and advice from a personal coach for an affordable price. We list and rank all coaches based on their success rates with clients so that you know you’re paying for the best chance at improving your own life.

Mastery is about the journey.

Tony helps us in how to think about keeping motivation high and not just doing things when they are fun. He explains it nicely with the difference between runner and jogger. Once you have made a decision. DO NOT revisit it too often! Make the decision once in a while.

Do you want to constantly take action or do you want to take “non-action”?

How did Lift got started?

Tony watched Project Runway and asked himself:

“How can I bring a coach to someone who hasn’t been coached before?”

A Coach is able to combine 2 things:

  1. expert knowledge
  2. Personlized that knowledge

If we only got paid for the books that got opened, we would be Screwed.



Education doesn’t really turn into results. This year (2016) Tony and is going really deep in business coaching. Meeting facilitation technique.

Where do you meet people as a leader? in Meetings! Check out the Corporate Training and read more about Why Meeting mastery

Leadership development and principles

Golden state warriors

Pinnacle of leadership combines 2 things:

  1. Clear and Direct
  2. Thoughtful and collaborative

WHen someone ask you focus on the principles – or tell them about the principles



Regular meditation practice enables you to call on that skill when you need it – to be calm.


Tonys top 3

  1. Medidate
  2. Live by principles
  3. Health: sugar is evil!

Tony on the socials

Persons of Interest



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