In this all english episode #031:
Valerie Hunt is one of the most experience running coaches in the world. She is the head coach of CrossFit Speciality Course: Pose Method. We get to learn how to run, common mistakes of running how to fix them. Practical tips for improving running, breathing techniques, the Wim Hof Method, Training masks and a whole lot more! You don’t want to miss out on this value packed episode! Enjoy!

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Short bio:

Valerie Hunt is one of the most experienced running coaches in the world. 26 years of coaching and been coaching pose in 16 years. she is the head coach for CrossFit speciality course: Pose Running.  Master Level of pose method  (level 4).  Box owner: CrossFit BVM CrossFit in and from  Austin Texas USA, Founder of and Valerie calls herself trainer but she considers herself a coach with a speciality in running. She has a degree in kinesiology

We discuss

  • 4.50 Valerie found pose running 1999 when Valarie was training for a triathlon and stumbled upon Dr. Romanov. She makes an interesting point with earn how to bike and swim made total sense, but she had never considered learning how to run
  • 5.15 The concept of falling and using gravity in running
  • 7.00 How Valerie started with running and how she became the “weird pose lady” in Austin.
  • 11.00 Why did Valerie chose the pose method for running
  • 12.00 “How long will it take to learn how to run? – I have an hour”
  • 16.00 Valerie meets Brian Mackenzie – “can I teach the drills”.
  • 18.45 Finally people are ready to learn “the Standard of running”.
  • 2000 “You know very little about nothing”  :)
  • 21.05 Valerie coaches ultra runners
  • 2205  the importance of lifelong learning!
  • 2315 Joshua Waitzkin – Art of learning 
  • POSE Method picture of valarie
  • 24.05 The injuries rates has not changed in 30 years! Peop
  • 24.20 Pose method -RUNNING FOR NERDS!
  • 24.45 Skilltraining for RUNNING -Imperative! Valariee – link to youtube! We need a culture shift
  • 25.15 Master Level (Level 4) Pose Running  – Valeries Long term goal: To be the coaches coach.
  • 27.00 Biggest difference from CrossFit Pose Running and CFE course – Not programming
  • 29.00 Whats the difference between RunATX and RunRX? RunRX training plan
  • 31.00 top 3 tips for getting to run – 1. Do Hops 2. Balance practice – pose or One leg 3. Comfortable with falling
  • 32.00 Difference between running and olympic lifting in muscle activation
  • 35.45 6 mistakes of running – 1. K position 2. Landning infront of GCM 3. heel running 4. straight leg 5. Using lever (don’t push) (2% is what Im pulling up), 53% of bodyweight,  6. Foot to long on the ground MTE and GRF – 180 Baseline Cadence
  • 42.00 Get hips stronger with bodyweight – RPM run club! 6months drill, 9 months drill,
  • 44.00 Tip for warmup – select a video from Valeries page
  • 46.00 Valeries 2 communities of CrossFitters and Runners – one running class a week in her gym, and other classes on the track
  • 48.30 Valeries favorite Workout
  • 51.30 Breathing- the importance of breathing – Youtube link
  • 53.00 Wim Hof method!
  • 53.30 Training Mask
  • 54.00 Inner Fire app
  • 58 Breathings protocol before running  and as a recovery
  • 59.00 Training mask !
  • 60 Teaching – with baloon – link


Valeries top 3

  1. Focus on you
  2. take care of your body
  3. Give back

“Share something you learned with someone else”

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