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This is a “RE-podcast” of The Art of Charm Minisode Monday (episode #30) where Jordan Harbinger shares his thoughts about why comparing yourself to others is a toxic habit — and one you should make a promise to stop doing sooner than later.  After the episode we talk some more with Jordan about the Social Capital  Challenge on Aoc.  This episode builds on our previous episode 33 where we interviewed Jordan.  Most of the FLAWD podcasts are in interview form and longer format, but this one is short, actionable and to the point. Hope you enjoy.

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Edit: 2020-04-03: Since this recording went live. Jordan has started a new podcast. It is called: Jordan Harbinger Show. Check it out

  • This is a repodcast of Art of Charm – Minisode Monday: #30
  • 1.30 Jordan explains why comparing yourself to others is a toxic habit — and one you should make a promise to stop doing sooner than later.
  • 2.00 Comparing ourselves to others we somehow perceive to be more accomplished is something we all do from time to time.
  • 2.40 The problem: it’s a never-ending battle we can’t win.
  • 3.00 To some, comparing ourselves to others almost becomes an obsession as unhealthy as drinking, smoking, drugs, or complaining – take our 21 stop complaining challenge! 
  • 3.20 It’s even worse if we compare ourselves to friends, family, or others we consider close — because we can’t appreciate their success without feeling personal loss.
  • 3.10 Mindset: The New Psychology of Success author Dr. Carol Dweck went a little deeper with this phenomenon in AOC #445.
  • 3.20 When we’re close to people we perceive as successful, we should appreciate the value they place in us — because it’s a two-way street and there are probably ways they compare themselves to us. Be grateful.
  • 3.45 Become an inspirational highperforming badass! :)
  • 4.00 Peter and Jordan discusses the Social Capital Course A networking class. How to reach out. How to follow up. How to creat platform
  • 4.30 How to start a platform!
  • 5.45 Networking class online – Platform
  • 6.50 Become a connector!
  • 7.15 just listen to the show and TRY the STUFF!  ADAPT it to your life!
  • 7.30 stay charming!



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Peter is Podcaster, CrossFit Coach, Security Professional and productivity expert. He is the founder of and the author of Security Encyclopedia: Peter blogs about health, technology and productivity. Peter is on a mission to help you to Focus, implement success disciplines and to Win in life!

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