In this all English episode #051:
We met Ray Sidney-Smith a productivity technology management consultant. We discuss Rays 4 buckets of productivity. Getting More Done, an extension of GTD. Ray shares the 6 levels of focus. We talk about the importance of dividing your life into categories, and we discuss what I call a “masterclass” of Evernote. If you are new to the show and new to Evernote, don’t miss the previous episode to get an “in-depth” understanding of what Evernote is in episode #49 and 50– in case you missed it! Enjoy

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Short bio:

Ray is a productivity technology management consultant. That means that he helps people and companies gain greater focus through technology.

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  • 3.00 Rays Background
  • 3.30 Productivity: Getting the right things done with limited resources. Time Energy, tools and people
  • 4.15 What is Getting More Done? – An extension of GTD.
  • 5.30 Ray Identified 4 buckets of productivity:
    • Focus
    • Habit (routines)
    • Motivation (accountability)
    • Organization (time action and Project Managment
  • 6.30 You start them in sequence: Focus->Habit->Motivation->Organization
  • 7.00 Webinar: Getting More Done:
  • 7.30 GTD Horizons vs Areas of Focus and accountability
  • 8.00 6 Levels of focus
  • 9.00 
  • 0930. You can use this views to see where you are going. in Getting More Done Ray has flushed out Horizon 2: Areas of Focus. He calls this the life categories.
  • 10.00 Life Categories:
    • Health
      • Fitness
      • Nutrition
      • Sleep
    • Wealth
  • Review: What has happened in the categories? And reflect if you want to change it.
  • Feng Shui: Bagua
  • 14.00 How to create habits?
  • 16.00 Habit creation: Reading
    • 1st step: Categorize the habit in a: focus area
    • 2nd step: Where during the day can you make time for this habit? Example: Read 5 pages before you go to lunch!
    • 3rd step: Find motivation – example: Join a book club, accountability
    • 4th step: Organize it: add to calendar
  • 19.00 How many life areas do Ray recommend? 10-15 Life Categories. Simple: Work/Personal
  • 20.00 Just start to list the areas in your life you want more control of. Ray thinks each area needs 2-3 system.
  • 22.00 If your life is complex you might need a complex system. Simplistic with thoughtfulness. Focus Producticity principle #7: Simplify
  • 23.00 Rays Evernote Structure:
    • Health NoteBook
    • Education Notebook
    • Work Stack
    • Relationship Notebook
  • 24.00 Health Calendar – Naming convention is mentioned again!
  • 29.30 An Evernote note is a “knowledge unit”. Example: Ray create a knowledge unit of Stoicism, and he can label the note: Summary of Stoicism
  • 32.00 Example of Invoice for doctor
  • 33.15 Ray has about 85-90 Notebooks in Evernote.
  • 35.15 Metric: The time you spend for searching a note. But also how OFTEN you search for a note. IF you search more than 3x you can create a saved search shortcut.
  • 36.00 Ray Created a desktop use of GTD management system for Evernote. Very similar to TSW: The Secret Weapon (in short read more on LifeHacker)
  • 38.30 Rays structure: is 6 , A “commonplace” notebook, inbox, Projects notebook, Projects and Actions completed and
  • 40.30 Actions – calls.
  • 43.00 If you are new to Evernote and TFP (The FLAWD Podcast) please consider this episode an intermediate/advanced in Evernote
  • 46.15 Ray use RTM – Remember The Milk app
  • 47.45 Rays thoughts of what New users use Evernote for? They use it as a trash. Think about the Structure! Start with one Life area! For instance use Recepie! Don’t do everything at once.
  • 49.45 the Future? We are in for some “strife”, which means technology is going to change! We are not prepared for technology. Knowledge workers – we are still new to it. Humans evolve for  a long time, computers only evolved for some years. Evernote will move with the “cheese”. :) EN needs to take advantage of new technologies. Listen to Manuel in episode #49
  • 53.00 Productivity Cast. a Weekly Show
  • 56.00 KWINK – Knowing What I Now Know. Ray shares: He would have tried to understand mobile technology and how it would effect his productivity. Overcomplicated.


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