In this all English episode #050:
We talk with Stacey Harmon an Evernote expert and professional digital organizer. Stacey runs enterprises and shares valuable insights how we can improve our digital lives. We talk how it can be possible to “work from anywhere”, to centralize our digital lives in one place: Evernote. We get tips and strategies how to radically improve our productivity with simple straightforward actions and strategies. This episode goes hand in hand with episode #49 – in case you missed it! Enjoy

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Short bio:

Stacey is an Evernote Pro. She is the head principal of Harmon Enterprises.  She has put 8 years of consulting in 11,5 h course. Book Untethered with Evernote. She is a “Digital Organization geek” :) .

Selected links:


  • 3.00 Staceys business if focused on Evernote is a
  • 3.30 Background story how she found Evernote
  • 4.00 Stacey is an organization nerd. She helps people get digitally organized
  • 5.30 Evernote Ambassador – now she is an Evernote ECC.
  • 6.50 Stacey shares what we can learn from her online Evernote course. What are we missing?
    • How powerful the desktop version is – blog post – the 6 AHA moments for Stacey
    • 80 Lessons long
    • The most comprehensive skills course on Evernote

  • 9.30 The key aha moments for Stacey
    • There is a default notebook – you can rename it to “inbox”, meaning a “holding tank” for her digital data.
    • Note Links. Stacey Favourite feature. Essential for her deployment – she has 26k notes in Evernote. Note: It’s most simple on the desktop.
      • Use key commands to save time. Win: Ctrl + I
      • Summary notes to drill down
    • ShortCuts – go to view menu and make sure you can see your shortcuts.  10 shortcuts: Mind Sweep, Errands to run list, Project task list, Instagram strategy,
  • 13.30 GTD and Mind sweep note
    • Link to other Podcasts on GTD
  • 14.40 One core concept of GTD is that the mind is a great place to create ideas, but not to hold them.
  • 15.15 Stacey dumps all her ideas in her mind sweep note.
  • 17.00 Centralization – is key
  • 19.00 Favourite hashtag: #Evernote and #WorkingFromAnywhere
  • 20.00 How is it possible to work from anywhere? Centralization in Evernote. Digitalize everything.
    • 20.45 WeWork – website – Do What you love
    • 21.30 Roam The world really inspiring location to be able to work from anywhere
  • 24.30 Not anti-paper, anti-file storage. Stacey try to be “file free”: make it EASY to digitize paper. Evernote Scannable
  • 26.20 Peter Diamandis 6D:s of exponential

  • 26.50 Digitilizing without centralizing is worthless
  • 27.40 Organizing in Evernote. Stacey gives us her cliff notes: Naming convention. Read more: Gaming the naming! Evernote is organized in notebooks!
  • 28.15 Naming convention on notes. Example:
    • Template:
    • Project Task:
    • Podcast: Stacey Harmon
  • 29.00 She can do an in title search: Template
  • 30.00 COMMIT to naming your notes! Descriptive naming in your notes. Meaningful to you!
  • 3050 Note link will be the title of the note. Table of content note.
  • 32.00 Staceys GTD Evernote implementation. Book: David Allen – Getting Things Done. AGAIN! :)
  • 34.00 Looking into the Future of productivity and Evernote.
    • The more we can centralize – the more productive we can be
    • Centralization + Search = Power!
    • Official Integrations with Evernote (Google Drive as an example) 100% centralization might not be possible. Future integration: Slack?
  • 40.00 Life tips for “seekers” – Stacey knew 10 years ago that she wanted to be more flexible and create something of her own. It took her 18 years to make the change in her life. Listen to your voice.
  • 41.00 KWINK – Knowing What I Now Know. Listen to your inner voice. trust it and take small steps daily.


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