TFP #065 Bernd Reicheneder – MovNat – The FLAWD Podcast


In episode #065 We meet Bernd a MovNat Team instructor. Based in Munich. We are talking about Natural Movement. We discuss Natural Development Sequence. The MovNat tree. Is nature a religion now? We talk about Breathing. Mindfullness in Movement and balancing. Is it possible to do CrossFit and MovNat? What is the MovNat tree? Be strong to be helpful and much much more. It goes hand in hand with all the concepts at FLAWD. Please give the podcast 5 star review an tell everyone you know. Thank you. Subscribe: iTunes | Spotify| Amazon | Android | RSS | Stitcher |Acast .whoami ? Bernd Reicheneder, Munich [...]

TFP #065 Bernd Reicheneder – MovNat – The FLAWD Podcast2021-10-27T15:26:24+02:00

TFP #064 Oskar Andermo – Strategic Tech Coaching – The FLAWD Podcast


In episode #064 We meet Oskar Andermo. A Dubai based coach and entreprenour. We discuss how live is in Dubai during the 2020 Pandemic. Mental Toughness and the importance of Mental Training. Oskar is one of the disciples of Lars-Erik Uneståhl that is the father of Mental training from episode 54. We discuss how to start Mental Training, changing emotional states with triggers. What is NLP? What is the Disney strategy? Importance of accountability. Setting Goals. Creating Habits. How we can use nature to be more creative? Oskar shares his "Triple I" Method with: Inspiration, Information and Implementation. We get a [...]

TFP #064 Oskar Andermo – Strategic Tech Coaching – The FLAWD Podcast2021-10-27T15:24:23+02:00

TFP #060 Anders Olsson – Medveten Andning – The FLAWD Podcast


I avsnitt #060 Vi gästas av Anders Olsson. En av världens främsta inom andning. Anders (och jag) får ofta höra: varför ska jag bry mig om andning, jag har ju andats hela livet? Vi får tips om hur man kan förbättra sin andning. Varför andning är så viktigt. Vi lär oss 7 goda andningsvanor. Vikten av att ha ett bra koldioxid tryck, och två praktiska tips för att förbättra det. Vi diskuterar Anders bok: Medveten Andning. Anders produkter såsom relaxatorn och sleeptape som båda är designade att förbättra andningen. Vi pratar om forskning inom andning och spännande expriment såsom att stoppa [...]

TFP #060 Anders Olsson – Medveten Andning – The FLAWD Podcast2021-10-27T15:26:24+02:00

Sleep – Maximize the most important activity of your life.


Have you ever had problems sleeping? Have you thought about how to sleep more efficient?  If so, this article is for you! Sleep is both an art and a science. Still a lot of people have trouble sleeping. Even if you sleep 8 hours a night, would it be optimal, uninterrupted restorative sleep?  Do you wake up feeling 100% refreshed? This article provides everything you need to know about sleep, the importance of sleeping and practical game-changing tips on how you can improve your sleep right now. To set your mood: Sleep is probably the single most important thing you can [...]

Sleep – Maximize the most important activity of your life.2021-10-27T15:26:24+02:00

TFP #059 Per Mattsson – Coaches Congress – The FLAWD Podcast


I avsnitt #059 Vi gästas av Per Mattsson. Coach. Boxägare. Mentor. Entreprenör och 3 barns far. Vi får ta del av Pers resa från att han hittar CrossFit till att han börjar coacha, tills han blir boxägare, börjar anordna tävlingar, kongresser och hjälpa andra boxägare att verkligen få koll på verksamheten. Du lär dig tips för att undvika gå på minor som entreprenör och undvika hamna i rättegång. Vi diskuterar vikten av att ha en coach och att ha mentorer.  Vi pratar om STAC, OPEX och företagande överlag. Alla som drömmer om att ha sin egna box, är småföretagare, entreprenörer eller [...]

TFP #059 Per Mattsson – Coaches Congress – The FLAWD Podcast2021-10-27T15:24:23+02:00

Francesco Samarelli – Self-love – The FLAWD Podcast (#057)


In this all English episode #057: We meet Francesco Samarelli a language expert speaking 8 languages, a youtuber and an aspiring author. We discuss the importance of self love, compassion and gratitude. We get to hear Francescos experience from being coached by Peter for 90 days, loosing 14 kilos and feeling super healthy. We discuss productivity strategies like "don't break the chain", mental strategies like: "the pause", the importance of breathing and much more. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher |Acast Short bio: Francesco is a "polyglot" meaning he speaks mulitple languages. He works as a flight attendant and is an aspiring author [...]

Francesco Samarelli – Self-love – The FLAWD Podcast (#057)2021-10-27T15:25:08+02:00

Patrick McKeown – Oxygen Advantage – The FLAWD Podcast (#055)


In this all English episode #055: We met Patrick McKeown who is of the worlds foremost expert on breathing and the director of education and training at the Buteyko Clinic International and author of several books. This episode is all about breathing. Patrick shares his extensive knowledge on the topic and we talk a lot about his latest book Oxygen Advantage. We learn: how breathing can help cure breathing disorders and improve performance. We deep dive into the science and practical implementation of principles for breathing, effects of poor breathing, how we can help our kids breathe better, warm-up protocols, cool down [...]

Patrick McKeown – Oxygen Advantage – The FLAWD Podcast (#055)2021-10-27T15:26:24+02:00

Cecilia Paulsson- PaulssonPaleo – The FLAWD Podcast (#053)


I avsnitt #053 Vi träffar Cecilia Paulsson som driver livsstilsföretaget PaulssonPaleo tillsammans med sin familj. Vi pratar Cecilias resa som började med en kokbok till att idag bo på en gård i Halmstad och sikta på att bli självförsörjande. Vi pratar om Paleo, fördelar och nackdelar med att bo på en gård. Livvstilssjukdomar, kosthållning, vad vi kan äta för att hjälpa kroppen må bättre och undvika sjukdomar. Cecilia berättar om vad fermentering är och vad det är bra för. Vi pratar vilka djur de har på gården. Vad är the french paradox? De erbjuder kostrådgivning inom Paleo, matlagningskurser, yoga, barfota löpning, workshops [...]

Cecilia Paulsson- PaulssonPaleo – The FLAWD Podcast (#053)2019-10-13T10:05:13+02:00

Master your breathing – the essential key to improving your life


Have you ever thought about how you breathe? Every day you are taking about 20000 breaths , adding up to over a 100 million breaths during a lifetime. Whats your system for breathing? Don't have one? Then you are probably doing it wrong! Now you ask; how can I possibly be breathing wrong? Most of us tend to be shallow mouth breathers, which increase stress and decrease performance and overall health. A good breath is a done through the nose using the diaphragm. Do you know how to improve this vital skill? Many people have found success by using the systems [...]

Master your breathing – the essential key to improving your life2017-08-30T17:34:55+02:00

The Perfect Running system


Whats your standard for running? Running is a fundamental human skill, both for physical and mental well-being. Running well is an integral part of all sports. Running fast,  running a lot, and being able to do so without collecting injuries is crucial to being able to train, to compete, to play.  Have you ever really thought about how your are running? What framework or standard are you using for your running? In this article we will learn the basics of a system for efficient running that is safe, effortless and pain-free. During extreme stress, humans do one of three things: Fight, Flight or Freeze and the [...]

The Perfect Running system2017-09-25T14:06:37+02:00
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