In this all English episode #057:
We meet Francesco Samarelli a language expert speaking 8 languages, a youtuber and an aspiring author. We discuss the importance of self love, compassion and gratitude. We get to hear Francescos experience from being coached by Peter for 90 days, loosing 14 kilos and feeling super healthy. We discuss productivity strategies like “don’t break the chain”, mental strategies like: “the pause”, the importance of breathing and much more.

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Short bio:

Francesco is a “polyglot” meaning he speaks mulitple languages. He works as a flight attendant and is an aspiring author and youtuber, and an expert in self-love.

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  • 02:00 – Who is Francesco – international flight attendant. From New Yersey
  • 04.00 Background – and currently he lives in Germany –
  • 05.45 Francesco speaks 8 languages
  • 06.15 But the most important language is.. Love. Concept of learning via empathy
  • 08.00 If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others? – Do you love yourself? If you love yourself you would eat healthier. The importance of asking the question of “why
  • 12.00 Nurturing our inner child – affirmations. Mantra. I deserve to be here. I am good enough.
  • 14.30 Take breaks in conversation.
  • 15.00 “State” – Mental states.
  • 16.35 5 min journal + gratitude.
  • 17.30 Peter expands the concept of “paus” -and stoicism
  • 18.30 Counting to 10
  • 22.15 Francescos example of how to act in a “special situation” – Viktor Frankl – “between every stimulis and response”
  • 24.30 The importance of observing.
  • 25.15 Discussing Wim Hof Method, that Francesco does daily- Read more about it on Breathing and Cold
  • 33.00 The 8 mental strategies – that we teach in Focused Productivity  
  • 35.00 Don’t break the chain strategy. Consistency
  • 36.30 The importance of an accountability partner 
  • 37.00 “Quick Question”
  • 37.30 – Francesco shares his experience with having Peter as a coach for 90 days. Lost 14kilos (30 lbs), learned what to eat (portion control), listening to his body. The healthiest he ever felt in his life.
  • 39.50 app – 90 days – why did Francesco choose Peter? Journal, Breathing, the internal aspect.
  • 41.45 The 21 days of no complaining challenge 
  • 43.30 Why is Peter so passionate about helping? Backstory – check out some of the books in our top 10
  • 48.00 The importance of Asking
  • 53.00 Polyglot is the knowledge of several languages –
  • 54.00 Francesco: s first book is about self love. “Hurt people, hurt people”
  • 57.30 Practical tips for self love
  • 59.00 KWINK
  • 1.02 “just start it”

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