Jim Klopman – Balance is Power – The FLAWD Podcast (#045)

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 In this all english episode #045: Jim Klopman is the inventor and owner of The Slack Bow Balance Training System.The Slack Bow is an indoor slackline unit, primarily developed by and for Jim.  He is also the author of the book: Balance is Power. We talk a lot about balance, the balance system, but also other products like the [...]

Rob Wilson – The Art of Breath – The FLAWD podcast (#037)

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Interested in attending the Art of Breath with Rob and Brian Mackenzie in the nordics? Let us know - visit: FLAWD.se/AOB In this all english episode #037: We met Rob Wilson to talk about breathing. Can breathing improve performance and recovery? Rob shares practical tips on how to improve our breathing right now and the most common [...]

Stuart Elwell – Functional Movement Screen – The FLAWD podcast (#028)

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In this all english episode #028: We meet Stuart Elwell,  physiotherapist from UK with background in West Bromwich football team. Stuart travels across Europe and educates coaches and therapist in  Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Functional Movement Systems.   Stuart advocates that a systems approach means that you are not missing anything. He guides us through the [...]

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