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In this all english episode #037:
We met Rob Wilson to talk about breathing. Can breathing improve performance and recovery? Rob shares practical tips on how to improve our breathing right now and the most common mistakes that breathers do. What is pH? What is the Vagus nerve? Should I breathe with my mouth or my nose, or both? We also talk about: the Art of Breath clinic, that Rob has created with Brian Mackenzie. How is AoB different from other breathing practices? Breathing Gear, snakes, Jet Kune do.. All this and much much more!   You don’t want to miss this episode! Enjoy!

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Short bio:

Rob is a teacher, a  manual therapist, a CrossFit box owner in Virginia beach US. He has  studied haffa yoga, and vinjasha yoga (flow). MobilityWod staff and PowerSpeedEndurance (PSE) staff.
“Before I learned the art, a punch was just a punch, and a kick, just a kick. After I learned the art, a punch was no longer a punch, a kick, no longer a kick. Now that I understand the art, a punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick.” — Bruce Lee


  • 03.03  Manual Therapy and Coach
  • 03.30 Contract negotiator – wearing a suit does not jive with Rob.
  • 04.30 Massage therapy school, and post trauma therapy.
  • 05.00 11 years ago Rob found CrossFit (manual therapy for 16 years and coaching for 10 years)
  • 05.30 MobilityWOD staff – “CrossFit is like fightclub”. :)
  • 06.45 One part of the problem was that they had no change in behavior between appointments. The search for better answers how to make that change
  • 07.45 Rob emailed Kelly Starett – “just call me”
  • 08.53 – We need to develop a staff – are you interested?
  • 11.10  Guest clinics L1 mobility WOD – all online
  • 12.30 Why is breathing important? Breathing – its the primary energy source for your body is oxygen! You notice it when you choke or when you are out of breath during an intense workout. If we can become aware of it it will bring more domonion over your physiology.
  • 13.30 Do I want to be responsible for my autonomous nervous system? If you dont want the responsibility to be responsible – maybe lie down and wait.
  • 14.40 Your breathing anyway, why not have some sense of whats going on. Center my attention, calms down, less reactive.
  • 15.30 – How do I know if Im not breathing correctly. Check in with your diaphragm! Diaphragm is parachute shape. When you inhale its soppose to go down ( its like an umbrella.) belly should come out when you breathe. Most people breathe with their
  • 16.45 What happens when you are going to do a HUGE set of squats? think about your breathing next time!! If you are aware you can be conscious.
  • 18.08 Whats the most common mistakes breathers do? “Ignoring it”!
  • Having a breathing practice is wonderful. Just pay attention to it first.

“Most people dont think about the fact that they are breathing until something is wrong. Just like they dont think about how they move until they are hurt!”

  • Bring awareness throught different parts of the day. At work? In an argument? Being aware of breathing will make things better during the day. Compare it to squatting: Can you squat yes/no? What does it looks like. Breath = Movement.
  • 19.45 Systems and Frameworks – why not have a framework for running – be more fully HUMAN!
  • 20.30 What makes humans different from other animals? We are aware of adaptation! We can direct adaptation. The more awareness we have, the more we can direct our own adaptation, which means that we are in charge of our own evolution. Thats free will. If you want to remain ignorant, that means that you are giving away the thing that makes you most human
  • 22.15 How to buffer stress response everyday? Place hands on belly and breathe into your hands using diaphragmatic breathing. Slow. 5 min. Can you sit still in 5 min?
  • 24.30 Doc and jock podcast – Breathing is like a waste machine. About 70% of our metabolic waste is expressed through breathing. If we are not using our breath to full capacity. This means that waste is still left in the body for a longer period of time where it could potentially do more damage.
  • 25.30 How does breathing influence the pH balance in the body?
  • 25.45 pH has to do with free Hydrogen in the body. Your body regulates acidity which is mostly how much carbondioxide in the breathing (exhale). If we are not optimizing that , we are not optimizing how our cells are using energy.
  • Cut out – bonus material:
  • pH has to do with free hydrogen ions in your body, which is regulated by excretion of carbon dioxide, (through the exhale) . Breathe in O2 and some nitrogen, and breathe out, your body want to get rid of CO2 and that effects how much acidity is in your body .  PH (potential of hydrogen) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. A PH scale is a logarithmic scale that runs from 1 to 14. PH of 7 is pure water and consider neutral, while PH of 1-2 is considered asid and 13-14 is consider base  Each whole pH value below 7. Body is regulating acidity in blood primarily through breath, if we do not get rid of the release of CO2 it affects how our cellse
  • 26.45 Breath wave? Its starts with diaphragm, ribs expand, then fullest breath
  • 27.30 What is the Vagus nerve? Its basically the part of your nervous system that regulates subcontions functions. One hand fight flight or freeze. Parasympathetic: feed heal breathe. Sympathetic state is fight or flight – ACTION! The vagus nerve is both a motor nerve and a sensor nerve – which means it sends info to body what is happening, and also it sends info to the brain . Vegus nerve regulates heart rates, digestions, sweating and respiration.
  • 29.27  THe lungs are attached to the vagus nerve, so the lungs can control the nervous system via the vagus nerve, breathe more slowly, vagus nerve, aha  we are relaxed.. :)
  • 29.40 Food to deal with stress? The digestive system is attached to the vagus system. That
  • 30.45 Parasympathetic vs Sympathetic? Dont vorry if you mix them up – parasympathetic is the relaxation
  • 31.32 How did Rob meet Brian McKenzie? Kelly starett recommended Wim Hof Method to Rob. Performance Breathing
  • 34.15 What do an atendee learn on a typical day for AoB?  The basics of respiratory mechanics! Posture? Movement? How breathing practices affects your physiology. It is an introduction to the anatomy and physiology to breathing. And practical performance. Test restes with assault bike. How can we affect Ph? Work output!
  • 36.23 How is AoB different from other breathing frameworks? Boxbreathing, Buteyko, Wim Hof and so on? The atendee learns breath practices they can modulate during the day. Sometimes you need to chill out – apnea training to bring yourself down. But before working out – perhaps you want more oxygen in?
  • 48.12 Recovery breathing after a workout – hack: while putting away equipment, do your recovery breathing. Couch stretch! :) Supernova. Why not breathing on purpose while you mobilize
  • 39.40 How about mouthbreathing or Nose breathing? Why we breath through the nose we release a chemical called Nitric oxide, which is a vasal dialatior (opening upp the blood vessels). But some people cant breathe through the nose. Mouth is bigger so you can get more air at the time. DO BOTH! :)
  • 41.02 Be aware during the day. Compare High bar backsquat, low bar, – you should be able to to all kinds of squat – same with breathing! Inform. Some protocols. If you know the why you get more out of a protocol.
  • 43.15 Gear – training mask, coregous ball, baloons, assault bikes ,rower? Tidal Volume Test. Resistance breathing is out for now. Because more people do not know what diaphragm is and if it is active.
  • 45.00 Bas Rutten a resistance breathing device. This makes diaphragm work harder.
  • 48.30 – Check out Art of Breath –
  • 49.52 Whats Up with the snakes Rob?
  • 51.05 What is Jet Kune Do? And how has it affected Rob? The art of the intercepting fist?
  • 52. Book recommendations
  • 55.35 KWINK?
  • 58.03 Money as a skill


  • robert supulski Why Zebras dont get ulcers – – what stress is and how to deal with it
  • Steven Pressfield – War of Art
  • Wolfgang Gothe – The metamorphosis of plants! – but Rob has not read it yet! :)

KWINK (Knowing What I Now Know)

  • Pay attention to money!
  • Money = energy. How can I optimize it?

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