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by Peter


 In this all english episode #045:
Jim Klopman is the inventor and owner of The Slack Bow Balance Training System.The Slack Bow is an indoor slackline unit, primarily developed by and for Jim.  He is also the author of the book: Balance is Power. We talk a lot about balance, the balance system, but also other products like the SlackBlock; a much smaller transportable unit. We discuss KBI (Klopman Balance Index), where you should keep your tongue during balance training, importance of balancing on one foot. Balance can be improved on all athletes of all ages. Jim noticed as balance improve, the athletes improves in their sport as well. Jim claims that excellent balance is a must for an athlete who want to compete on top level. Listen as Jim explains the importance of balance, why we are loosing our balance, and how you can improve our  balance. Enjoy!

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Short bio:

Jim is located in Utah. Jim Klopman is the inventor and owner of The Slack Bow Balance Training System.

Jim improves the balance of athletes of any ages, they improve in any sport
Balance = coordination + agility
He is also the author of Balance is Power and a Board Member, Treasurer, and Leadership Consultant for the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology. The Slack Bow is an indoor unit, primarily developed by and for Jim, to increase one’s athletic balance.


  • 03:33 Welcome Jim Klopman. Jim presents himself
  • 04:30 Jim explains how he got into balance training of athletes, what caused athletes to “age out” ? Jim found Slackline.
  • 06:13 One foot balance is the key because thats how we use our feet, we are very seldom on two feet.
  • 06:53 Simple balance challenges improved the vertical leap, every athlete that Jim tested improved their vertical leap by 10% or more!
  • 07:45 What challenges does Jim give to athletes during a two hour session? Jim does everything on one foot.
  • 08:15 The trick to balance training is to aim for the limit – Maximum Balance Limit. Where is the limit? – When you fall. Slow motion movements.
  • 09:35 When did Jim start to use his balance training system?
  • 11:10 Why is balance important and why are we bad at it today?

Balance is what makes us human

  • 13:30 The world is flat, it does not challenge our balance. What happens to us when we live in this world. Its a hidden loss of balance. ANS = Autonomous Nervous System
  • 14:33 Peter’s own experience of recovering from an injury with the help of balance training. Jim explains how the small and large muscles work and why balance training has an important role in recovering from injury. Jim states that there is  Sport done on your heels!

“There is nothing athletic done on your heels.. Ever!”

  • 15:00 When you are using your heels, you are not using your balance system
  • 17:35 Jim explains the functionality of his second product, the SlackBow
  • 18:33 In a more detail way Jim explains how the balance system is composed. He also explains how our body sends and receives information. The way we use our hands and tongue also effects our balance.
  • 22:50 Where should I keep my tongue when I’m balancing? Where should I look?
  • 24:00 Has Jim heard about the MovNat Balance system and does he use their methods?
  • 24:10 How does Jim start a training session with a new athlete? Jim says that it’s important to take a step at a time and then progress to the next level.
  • 26:45 Progression is something thats well known in the Crossfit community as Carl Paoli mentioned in previous episode of The FLAWD Podcast #32.
  • 27:13 Klopman Balanced Index (KBI) – A system that goes from a range of 0 to 100 where 50 is average. It’s performed on the SlackBow and measures a persons balance through 3 different positions from the KBI system.
  • 27:50 Worst thing you can do for your balance is watching a computer screen. If you have really rapid movement on the slackline, perhaps 10 seconds – you have a KBI of 40. 20 seconds perhaps 50 KBI. But it depends on your field. Jims routine: 2 minutes of balancing in 3 directions, with 2 minutes in each direction. If you can stand in 2 minutes you are most likely at 85. The three dimension:
    • parallel to the line,
    • diagonal,
    • perpendicular to the line
  • All balance is done on in the front of the foot. All balance should be done on one feet.
  • 33:05 SlackBlock replicates what happens on the larger Slackline
  • 35:55 Common injuries among elderly people happen due to the disengaging of balance. Balance can be improved extremely quickly. The good thing is that you can improve your balance pretty fast but only if you pay attention to it. Falls injuries cost 30 billion dollars in US. Your balance is not good just because you haven’t fallen yet.
  • 39:40 Jim is designing and developing a new balance board. To be continued.. :)
  • 41:10 Jim’s book Balance is Power develops the topic of balance. According to Jim, excellent balance is a must for an athlete who want to compete on top level. The best golfers in the world has amongst the best balance in the world.
  • 46:03 Jim gives you simple tips on how you can improve your balance. The athletic position. You find it by jumping 3x.
  • Challenge: Try Jims Kettlebell balance challenge!
  • 50:00 Everything we do for fun are balance challenges. Think about it.


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