TFP #059 Per Mattsson – Coaches Congress – The FLAWD Podcast


I avsnitt #059 Vi gästas av Per Mattsson. Coach. Boxägare. Mentor. Entreprenör och 3 barns far. Vi får ta del av Pers resa från att han hittar CrossFit till att han börjar coacha, tills han blir boxägare, börjar anordna tävlingar, kongresser och hjälpa andra boxägare att verkligen få koll på verksamheten. Du lär dig tips för att undvika gå på minor som entreprenör och undvika hamna i rättegång. Vi diskuterar vikten av att ha en coach och att ha mentorer.  Vi pratar om STAC, OPEX och företagande överlag. Alla som drömmer om att ha sin egna box, är småföretagare, entreprenörer eller [...]

TFP #059 Per Mattsson – Coaches Congress – The FLAWD Podcast2021-10-27T15:24:23+02:00

Art of Breath


Can breathing improve performance and recovery? If we don’t breathe, we die. Although we all know this simple fact breathing remains the most underutilized component of health and human performance. The Art of Breath (AoB) is a program developed to give participants an experience based understanding of how breathing can affect both short term performance and long term health. Through a variety of simple and effective teaching tools we will help illuminate this powerful practice and help you grab this low hanging fruit. The AoB purpose is to help facilitate a deeper understanding of the physiological process so that each person can [...]

Art of Breath2020-11-23T17:43:26+02:00

Joanna Swica – Att rebelliskt vända motgångar till tillgångar – The FLAWD podcast (episode #004)


I avsnitt #4 Joanna Swica pratar om träning, hinderlopp, obstacle race i Kanada, att vara förlamad, vända motgångar till tillgångar, se träningen som catwalk. Att våga vara den man är, att våga ta för sig i livet,  att ha 7000+ följare på Instagram, att gå på bio ensam och mycket mer.  Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher Vem? Joanna  arbetar på Tre med Material och Logistik Ansvarig 27 årig polsk skåning i Stockholm Vi får reda på att Joanna är en tidigare ridtjej och har tävlat. Hon har bott utomlands i 3 år och hon tränar 6-7 gånger i veckan Utvalda länkar:  Spartan race [...]

Joanna Swica – Att rebelliskt vända motgångar till tillgångar – The FLAWD podcast (episode #004)2017-06-18T17:45:41+02:00

How to use to your advantage


What is The app is a simplistic app that aims to help you set and reach goals through creating new habits and helping you sticking to them. It is an application available on Web, iOS and Android. "Instant coaching for any goal" - tagline - how can you NOT love that? Why do you need To achieve goals you usually have to create a habit (something that you do regularly). Soo what is a habit? According to Wikipedia: "A habit  is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously" How can we create habits? To [...]

How to use to your advantage2017-06-18T17:46:47+02:00

How to track your fitness with Evernote


Evernote is a very versatile tool and can be purposed to do many things. We have written about why you need Evernote to win before. That is a great  read if you are not familiar with Evernote before. This article will cover how you can track your fitness with a free and easy tool that is available on all platforms. Lets start with the WHY? "All people who are serious about their training write down their workouts" - Mark Rippetoe (Starting Strength 3rd ed) Why should you track your fitness? You want to improve your fitness.. Right? How can you possibly know if you have [...]

How to track your fitness with Evernote2017-06-18T17:46:48+02:00

The top Podcasts you have to listen to for world domination


Well.. Maybe not world domination. :) Subscribe to our mailing list During 2013 I really took my "learning in transit" skills to the Next level. I started following podcasts seriously, and I must say that it have had a tremendous impact in my learning and improvement in general. For instance every time (ok. Not every time.. :), but almost every time) I am doing tasks that require minimum intelligence like walking, cleaning, doing the dishes, riding the bus or any other time like driving or running I listen to audiobooks or podcasts. It is a perfect time to get inspiration and [...]

The top Podcasts you have to listen to for world domination2017-06-18T17:46:51+02:00

The 5 W:s how foam-rolling will help you get better and recover faster


W as in What Why When Where and Who.. The other day I was doing one of my post workout protocols with a foam-roller, and someone asked, "what is that good for?". Even though I have my routine answer: something like fascia knot release, trigger point stretch, shiatsu and some other fancy words.. Lets say that I realize that I was not happy with my answer. As always: the FLAWD lifestyle means to always get better, similarly, it is (almost) always better to "launch beta and then iterate", or the mentality of "release early, iterate often and fail fast" - both [...]

The 5 W:s how foam-rolling will help you get better and recover faster2017-06-18T17:46:56+02:00

How to live forever – 10 timeless principles for happiness


10 timeless principles for happiness Who doesn't wanna to live forever?! It's the alluring question with everything from fountains of youth to vampires, to selling your soul to someone, to dieting and so on. As you know, nothing lasts forever. But! You can make yourself last forever by "making a dent in the universe"! However small. This post originated in a friend asking me to write about this topic, and I think this will be both the hardest post and my personal favorite. Let's get started.   Why live forever? The first thought that comes to mind when thinking about living [...]

How to live forever – 10 timeless principles for happiness2021-01-11T11:28:28+02:00

The top 5 positive effects I get from training


As you might know, there are almost NO downside to training from any aspect. Since our lifestyles has changed last couple of 100 years, we as humans must today make a conscious effort to stay healthy. We are simply not built for sitting still all day. Therefore training are now a deliberate and conscious choice, and I guess that these aspects has made us more aware of training/fitness/health, which therefore makes it a topic that you can discuss with anyone. Everyone knows that training (in almost any way) is the best way for achieving health. Article information: |Reading time: 16min 13 Seconds | [...]

The top 5 positive effects I get from training2019-10-14T11:44:01+02:00
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