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Peter shares his thoughts about CFL3/CCFT education and credential as a CrossFit Coach.  What is the “Six-Eight” Rule? How can you start the process of becoming a CFL3? Please give the podcast 5 star review and tell everyone you know. Thank you.

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Peter Larsson CFL3 Founder of FLAWD

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  • (00:33) Peter introduces the show
  • (01:30) What is CrossFit? Crossfit
  • (02:30) Greg Glassman Defined CrossFit as: “Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains”
  • (05:00) CrossFit Magical 8  or “themes.
  • “Understanding these themes and the contexts in which to apply them will give trainers the general principles for evaluating movement. There are positions or movement patterns that do not fit neatly into these categories, as well as
    movements that do not demonstrate all the themes. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. It is simply a classification
    tool that can be used to aid development of one’s coaching skill set.”
  • These themes are:
    • MLS – midline stabilization,
    • C2E – core-to-extremity movement,
    • Balance about the frontal plane,
    • Posterior-chain engagement,
    • Sound hip function,
    • Active shoulders,
    • Full range of motion about a joint, and
    • Effective stance and/or grip.
  • (08.30) What is Level 3= and what are the requirements?
  • (11:40) What are the 6 Domains of CCFT?
    • Domain D1: Screening and Ongoing Assessment
    • Domain D2: Programming
    • Domain D3: Teaching
    • Domain D4: Coaching
    • Domain D5: Nutrition and Lifestyle
    • Domain D6: Class Management and Professional Responsibilities
  • (15:30) What is the difference between CFL3 and CCFT?
  • (16:30) What should you do?
    • 1: Read everything at least 2x.
    • 2: Review How to pass the CFL3 exam Use the study tool of 6-8 study tool
      • The Six: teaching, seeing, correcting, group management, presence and attitude, demonstration.
      • The Eight: midline stabilization, core-to-extremity movement, balance about the frontal plain, posterior-chain engagement,
        sound hip function, active shoulders, full range of motion about a joint, effective stance and/or grip.
    • 3: Go to CF website and undertake the online courses – Spot the flaw
  • (19:30) Motivation for you to get the CFL3 if you have CFL2 today? Instead of having expiration date, it
  • (20:30) Pat Sherwood Check him out on CF Linchpin with BTWB and read his CF Journal about Elegance
    • “Pat Sherwood addresses the concept of clever simplicity in fitness and in life.”
  • (22:00)  I hope this gave you a clue and an idea of where to start? What is L4?
  • (25:40) MCI – Mechanics, Consistancy, Intensity Read more: 

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Peter is Podcaster, CrossFit Coach, Security Professional and productivity expert. He is the founder of and the author of Security Encyclopedia: Peter blogs about health, technology and productivity. Peter is on a mission to help you to Focus, implement success disciplines and to Win in life!

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