Francesco Samarelli – Self-love – The FLAWD Podcast (#057)

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In this all English episode #057: We meet Francesco Samarelli a language expert speaking 8 languages, a youtuber and an aspiring author. We discuss the importance of self love, compassion and gratitude. We get to hear Francescos experience from being coached by Peter for 90 days, loosing 14 kilos and feeling super healthy. We discuss productivity strategies [...]

Swimming – Aquatic Locomotion

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Swimming.   The ultimate frontier. Have you ever watched someone who can crawl effortlessly? Have you ever tried swimming? If so, you'll know that it's difficult because its challenging not only physically, but also mentally, the urge to breathe and to feel safe is a strong motivator not to swim at all! So what do you do? [...]

Jim Klopman – Balance is Power – The FLAWD Podcast (#045)

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 In this all english episode #045: Jim Klopman is the inventor and owner of The Slack Bow Balance Training System.The Slack Bow is an indoor slackline unit, primarily developed by and for Jim.  He is also the author of the book: Balance is Power. We talk a lot about balance, the balance system, but also other products like the [...]

The ultimate guide to optimal foot mobility

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Have you ever thought about how your feet are feeling? How often do you spend time on your feet giving them love? Most of us do the mistake of taking them for granted. Until one day they give up on us. So what should we do about this? With simple principles we can regain the control of [...]

Tommy Blom – StrongFirst – The FLAWD podcast (#036)

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I avsnitt #036: Vi får träffa Tommy Blom, en av världens bästa instruktörer inom Krav Maga. Vi får höra om Tommys tränings bakgrund hur han hittade Kettlebells, vilket han också utbildar inom StrongFirst. Vi får höra hur Tommy använder flera olika system såsom: StrongFirst, Krav Maga,  Ground Force Method, Functional Movement System och Advanced Buteyko till ett [...]

Carl Paoli – Freestyle Connection – The FLAWD podcast (#032)

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In this all english episode #032: Carl Paoli is one of the most renowned coaches in the world today. He is originally from Spain, a former elite gymnast, creator of Naka Athletics, Gymnastics WOD,  Author and a New York Times Best Seller and a business man. Carl is on a mission to help make a positive impact in [...]

Markus Greus – Optimum Metoden – The FLAWD podcast (#026)

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I avsnitt #026: Vi lär känna sjukgymnasten Markus Greus som tagit fram Optimum metoden, en metod som går ut på att skapa och återfå balans i kroppen. Metoden började som postural terapi, men idag innehåller fler delar som skapar en  helhetsbild.  Vi får höra mer från Markus hur metoden fungerar, vad postural träning är, Deep Front Line vad är det? [...]

Camilla Salomonsson – Sveriges CrossFit Nobless – The FLAWD podcast (#022)

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I avsnitt #022: Camilla är en av Sveriges främsta CrossFit atleter genom tiderna med att ha varit på CrossFit regionals Europa 5 gånger, och hon gör nu sitt första besök på CrossFit Games med sitt lag CrossFit Nordic Opex. Vi får höra om Camillas resa som CrossFit atlet, hur hon och hennes team tränar, hur hon äter, och [...]

Voodoo Flossing – den mest underskattade mobility tekniken

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Voodoo-flossing är den absolut effektivaste mobility tekniken. Denna artikel förklarar vad det är, teorin bakom, vad det är bra för och hur du kan använda det på det effektivaste sättet för att öka din rörlighet, minska smärta och svullnad på extremt kort tid. Definition: Voodoo flossing är en kompressions-baserad mobility teknik som förenar alla mobility system samtidigt. Vi [...]

Jeff Ford – Power Speed Endurance – The FLAWD podcast (episode #016)

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In this all english episode #016: Jeff is the Head coach and director of training for Power Speed Endurance (formerly known as CrossFit Endurance). Jeff is on a mission to inspire people through strength and health. he is a 3x Ironman finisher, 8+ times marathon runner,  Sub 3 Hour marathon! So he knows a thing or two about [...]