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Francesco Samarelli – Self-love – The FLAWD Podcast (#057)


In this all English episode #057: We meet Francesco Samarelli a language expert speaking 8 languages, a youtuber and an aspiring author. We discuss the importance of self love, compassion and gratitude. We get to hear Francescos experience from being coached by Peter for 90 days, loosing 14 kilos and feeling super healthy. We discuss productivity strategies like "don't break the chain", mental strategies like: "the pause", the importance of breathing and much more. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher |Acast Short bio: Francesco is a "polyglot" meaning he speaks mulitple languages. He works as a flight attendant and is an aspiring author [...]

Francesco Samarelli – Self-love – The FLAWD Podcast (#057)2021-10-27T15:25:08+02:00

Jordan Harbinger – The Art of Charm – The FLAWD podcast (#033)


In this all english episode #033: Jordan Harbinger is the host of the podcast: the Art of Charm, which is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. AoC is regularly ranked top 50 on iTunes. Jordan and his team have been producing 570+ episodes over a 10 year period.  We are introduced to how Jordan found the "secret third path" to success!  Clue: it is NOT being smarter or working harder! It is networking and creating lasting win-win relationships and leveraging them for business.  Jordan shares his secrets to being one of the best interviewers in the world. We discuss what you learn [...]

Jordan Harbinger – The Art of Charm – The FLAWD podcast (#033)2021-10-27T15:25:35+02:00

4 Time management tips


In todays world it's absolutely imperative that you become a good time manager. At least I am one of those who want to become excellent at it! It will be a long road for me, but every journey starts with one small step. So here's 4 tips how to become good at time management. 1. Neatness If you have a messy desk or environment, your mind will be more willing to wonder away and be distracted. 2. Have everything you need in front of you Once again, so you wont be distracted by having to move around to much. 3. Ask the [...]

4 Time management tips2017-06-18T17:45:26+02:00

Joanna Swica – Att rebelliskt vända motgångar till tillgångar – The FLAWD podcast (episode #004)


I avsnitt #4 Joanna Swica pratar om träning, hinderlopp, obstacle race i Kanada, att vara förlamad, vända motgångar till tillgångar, se träningen som catwalk. Att våga vara den man är, att våga ta för sig i livet,  att ha 7000+ följare på Instagram, att gå på bio ensam och mycket mer.  Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher Vem? Joanna  arbetar på Tre med Material och Logistik Ansvarig 27 årig polsk skåning i Stockholm Vi får reda på att Joanna är en tidigare ridtjej och har tävlat. Hon har bott utomlands i 3 år och hon tränar 6-7 gånger i veckan Utvalda länkar:  Spartan race [...]

Joanna Swica – Att rebelliskt vända motgångar till tillgångar – The FLAWD podcast (episode #004)2017-06-18T17:45:41+02:00

The top Podcasts you have to listen to for world domination


Well.. Maybe not world domination. :) Subscribe to our mailing list During 2013 I really took my "learning in transit" skills to the Next level. I started following podcasts seriously, and I must say that it have had a tremendous impact in my learning and improvement in general. For instance every time (ok. Not every time.. :), but almost every time) I am doing tasks that require minimum intelligence like walking, cleaning, doing the dishes, riding the bus or any other time like driving or running I listen to audiobooks or podcasts. It is a perfect time to get inspiration and [...]

The top Podcasts you have to listen to for world domination2017-06-18T17:46:51+02:00

How to live forever – 10 timeless principles for happiness


10 timeless principles for happiness Who doesn't wanna to live forever?! It's the alluring question with everything from fountains of youth to vampires, to selling your soul to someone, to dieting and so on. As you know, nothing lasts forever. But! You can make yourself last forever by "making a dent in the universe"! However small. This post originated in a friend asking me to write about this topic, and I think this will be both the hardest post and my personal favorite. Let's get started.   Why live forever? The first thought that comes to mind when thinking about living [...]

How to live forever – 10 timeless principles for happiness2021-01-11T11:28:28+02:00

Evernote the optimal information tool


Taking notes, writing down thoughts and ideas and journaling is a key skill for the person who wants to live a Focused Lifestyle. In this article we will cover what is my favourite note taking app of all time: Evernote. Is is also my overall favourite app. I have been using Evernote daily since 2010, and since 2017 I also decided to become an ECC, Evernote Certified Consultant. In this FLAWD article we will cover the importance of writing things down, having an external brain, what is a "zibaldone"?, What Evernote is, why you should use it, alternatives to Evernote. How [...]

Evernote the optimal information tool2020-02-20T12:27:52+02:00



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