Challenge yourself!

To improve your life, you need to challenge yourself!  FLAWD challenge you to take yourself to the NEXT level!

  • Stop Complaining!

Social Media Freedom

Can you be offline from Social Media for a month? Our FLAWD Offline Month (FOM) challenge you to shut down social media for a motnh. Try living IRL – without  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Can you handle it?

Become more mobile.

Try Mobility and Voodoo Flossing. 10 minutes of Mobility every day for a month!

Learn new things.

Our top 10 Podcasts – of course the FLAWD Podcast is there

Read our top 10 Books to change your life forever


Get a commonplace, manage your thoughts, and learning in  Evernote

Create new habits

To create new habits – you need help. Lock them down in accountability app: 

Train more

Try CrossFit Swimming and Running! Journal it all down in Evernote

Mikes Comfort Zone Crush challenge

Mikes sociala utmaning

Recover with HRV

Ta det lungt med HRV

Be in a constant FLOW state

Va i FLOW nyckeln till optimala upplevelser

Take care of your hands and feet

Ta hand om dina händer!  och vårda dina fötter

Optimize your financial Fitness

Optimize your financial fitness and become financially independet

Become a stoic

Stoicism – the optimal philosphy


Breathing and cold exposure